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Hi you, with a bitters “problem.” I know you: you open a cupboard and bitters fall out; you open a present hoping it’s bitters; your partner gives you the side-eye as...


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Curl up with a good book, pop some fresh Black Truffle Salted Popcorn, or sip a Tidy Tody and enjoy the changing of the season. Check out our fall gift ideas below or give us a call at 503-305-3388. We're happy to help you find the perfect gift for mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, or friend!

Truffle Salt with Spoon, Spicy Salts, Smoky Salts, Salt Sets & More

Holiday Salts


Salt Block & Salt Shot Glass Gift Sets

Salt Block & Salt Shot Glass Gift Sets


Chocolate Tasting Flights & Gift Sets

Chocolate Tasting Flights & Gift Sets


Cocktail Bitters & Field Guide to Bitters Set

Cocktail Bitters and Field Guide Set


For the Cocktail Aficionado 

For the Cocktail Aficionado


Bitters for Old Fashioneds & Manhattans

Bitters for Old Fashioneds & Manhattans


For the Popcorn Lover

For the Popcorn Lover


For the BBQ Lovers & Grill Masters

For the Grill Master