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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Spicy Salt Set

Put a little spice in your life...

Like a thermostat for flavor, these salts let you dial spicy vibrancy into food and drink. All three can be used for cooking, but the dance of salt and spice is liveliest when used as a finishing touch. If you can take the heat, then get in the kitchen! Pick up a copy of Mark Bitterman's Craft Salt Cooking for spicy recipes and more inspiration

This set includes three small jars of salt:

    Fleur de Hell™ - Fleur de Sel meets Ghost Pepper!Just restrained enough to permit more liberal use, adding a piquant surprise to the rim of a margarita or as a sprinkle on fajitas, beans, and cookies.

    Sal de Gusano - The classic Oaxacan condiment, with huge savory flavor and way more than a hint of chili spice. Unreal on steamed corn on the cob with lime and essential on ceviche. Also great as an all-purpose seasoning salt for proteins like eggs and steak.

    Scorpion Salt- Made in-house by infusing our signature fleur de sel from Guatemala with the hottest chili pepper on the planet: the spicy, smoky Moruga Scorpion pepper from Trinidad. A truly red hot addition to BBQ rubs and curries, grilled steak, and scrambled eggs.

    Net weight by volume:

    • Included 3 Small Jars: 2oz each

      Customer Reviews

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      Spicy Salt Set

      Perfect Gift

      I got this as a birthday present for my sister. She absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to use them.

      Jar Lids & Spicy

      For the actual Salts I give you 5 star rating. However, the Lids to the jars were less 1 star (MAYBE). The inner seals doesn't fit well, loose and folded up and the salts come spilling out and dropping from the seal of the lid when we open them. Make us drop the expensive, HOT, commodity all over us, the dish, the kid and the dog. The 1st time we received the Meadow salts the glass jars and lids fit nicely and did not cause salt to fly when we opened them. Please go back to the old jars & lids or find a new source!!
      But love the salts!

      Exciting revelations!

      We are so excited to give these spicy salts to our daughter at her bridal shower! I love to give unique yet useful gifts and this fits the bill!
      Thanks So Much! Connie K.

      Frikkin hot!!!!

      I love the Fleur de Hell on just about everything, but was new to the Scorpion... OMG the Scorpion will melt your face off! It’s become a game with my friends on who can eat the most. Have some milk on hand for this one.