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What we believe in...

Thinking small is thinking big.

Our shops are tiny. Like, really small. Yet each is a home to craftspeople, micro entrepreneurs, family businesses, and all manner of small, independent makers committed to ridiculously high-quality products.This means things are made with regenerative or sustainable ingredients. Hundreds of these tiny makers have gotten their start with The Meadow. When you visit us, you are surrounded by the loving creations of an entire industry of tiny companies making the world a better place. We’re just a small part of bringing them together.

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Shop Keeper, Christiana, at counter of Hawthorne shop, surrounded by flowers

Direct retail trade matters.

It’s more than a core value, it’s a better way. We start with direct trade products because they put more money in growers and suppliers hands, create relationships, and foster innovation, new investment, and awareness. As awesome as that is, growers and makers are only half the equation. We are pioneers of Direct Trade Retail, buy directly from makers whenever possible. Rather than squandering 30% the maker’s hard fought profit margin on a middle man, our dollars go directly to local small businesses everywhere. On average our small business partners put 400% more money into their local economies than big companies do, and spend 250% more on local events, teams, and charities.

direct trade manifesto

Little shops make your cities and towns the places you love.

That’s our mission.We believe in the power of hometown mainstreet, of a thriving commercial core where people know one another, work together, support one another, and walk amongst the fun and weirdness that is unique to your neck of the woods. We have an online shop (you are here!) but we would not hold it against you if you slapped shut that laptop or put that cell phone away and went out on the town to shop instead. But when you do shop with us, you’re joining us in advancing our mission other, but important ways.

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We are small. (Smaller than you think.)

It’s by design. And we intend to stay this way. Our shipping department is in the back of one of our shops. There’s usually one person in there, reviewing orders, picking products from the shelves, finding the right box and shipping options, packing up everything carefully to that it achieves mutually impossible objectives (looking nice, not breaking in transit, and using only recyclable packing materials), and communicating in person when there are questions or concerns. We are small by design, because that’s the only way get to know you.

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Creating a place that feels like home.

meet our team
The Meadow Logo on a glass door at the shop, with a wreath in the background

Where did the name The Meadow come from?