Black Truffle Sea Salt

Title: Taster - Cork Top Jar

Our Black Truffle Salt is the most cost-effective way to keep truffles in your diet!

Just sprinkle a pinch over any dish, from eggs to roasted vegetables, french fries to steak, and experience the full impact of truffle flavor.

Black Truffle salt exemplifies the extraordinary power of salt to capture both the complexity and intensity of aromas and flavors. Even more concentrated than truffle oil, our black truffle salt brings the heady richness of fresh black summer truffles to anything your heart desires, from eggs in the morning to fettuccini at night. A little bit goes a long way!

Our company secret: this is just about the best popcorn salt imaginable. Try it by itself, or compare it to some of the other best salts in our Popcorn Salt Set.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, black truffles, truffle flavor

    Customer Reviews

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    Morgan Moore
    Best Salt EVER!!!

    I have continually gifted this salt to friends and family and keep giving mine away - I put it on everything but I especially love it on popcorn and when I spruce up some Annie's mac and cheese with sauteed kale. Makes the semi-homemade spectauclar!

    Tracy Rauscher
    We love the Meadow

    So far we’ve enjoyed everything we have purchased and our friend loved her lifetime supply of salt.

    Mark Findley
    Black truffle salt

    Love it!!!

    James Eilers

    Black Truffle Sea Salt

    Carolyn L

    This delicious Black Truffle Sea Salt did NOT disappoint! Delicious and light on pasta dishes and popcorn alike ☺️.