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Our Wonderful Meadowlings
Joined: April 2017
Favorite Salt & Why: Shinkai Deep - cool story, mineral rich, buttery, smooth, and versatile!
Favorite Chocolate & Why: Pump Street Sourdough + Sea Salt - super cool combo, crunchy, fun, and great chocolate.
Favorite Bitters & Waya to Use It: Miracle Mile Yuzu - love it equally with tequila/mezcal cocktails and with ginger tea
Hobby/Pastimes when not working: Piano Piano Piano!
Joined: September 2018
Favorite Salt & Why: Halen Mon Gold. The flakes are so moist and delicate, perfect for finishing. The taste and smell remind me of oceanside fires in the wintertime, bringing memories of ice-fished dinners. 
Favorite Chocolate & Why: 9th and Larkin Tieng Giang (hope I'm spelling this right). The hardy consistency of this bar forces me to work it around my palette, resulting in complex flavors that differ from start to finish.
Favorite Bitters & Ways to Use it: king Floyd's scorched pear and ginger added to seltzer water or used for rinsing a cocktail glass. Just the right amount of sweet and spicy!
Hobby/Pastimes when not working: In my free time I like to practice the piano, shoot film photography, try new foods, and celebrate living with my friends and family! :) 
Joined: January 2006
Favorite Salt & Why: Ack! Why oh why do people ask me this? Salt, I love thee like childhood summer! Only more, I love thee like salt.  And maybe like a dream I’ve yet to dream, I love the ones that linger not in my cupboard, but the ones just around the bend. The salt from the seashore village I have not yet visited. The salt that arrives tomorrow, unsolicited, in a bound and frayed parcel whose postage stamps read like Aztec hieroglyphs. I love the salt offered to me in the palm of a stranger's hand, or by the pinch from the person sitting across from me, her eyes glittering. 
Favorite Chocolate & Why: Today my favorite chocolate is the Bonnat Selva Maya. The reason why is that it reminds me; no matter how much I mistrust awards, no matter how much we encourage people to look beyond awards, occasionally the awards do get it right, and call attention to something truly special.   
Favorite Bitters & Way to Use It: Jeepers, I’ve found myself putting chocolate bitters in the most unlikely things. Any booze that touches wood, from bourbon to scotch to anejo tequila to rum to many of the vermouths that we put in those and other spirits.  They all love chocolate bitters. It’s my go-to secret ingredient, because I add just a little, just a hint.  Extra deliciousness with no-one the wiser.
Hobby/Pasttime when not working: I’m always working.  But I define work as play.
Name: Dorrie Dilday
Joined: September 2016
Favorite Salt & Why: Having spent a month in Cyprus, I LOVE all of our Cypriot Salts, but Black Diamond is my "go to" for all things avocado. 
Favorite Chocolate & Why: Our Francois Pralus Ghana Bar.  It's the ultimate chocolate experience. 
Favorite Bitters & Way to Use It: The Orange and Fig Sycophant by Crude.  It will elevate any drink but I think it makes a beautiful Old Fashioned. 
Hobby/Pasttime when not working: I practice yoga, love trying out new restaurants, and traveling to see my kids.


Joined: October 2016
Favorite Salt & Why: Sel Gris because it is so mineral rich and it adds a wonderful crunch 
Favorite Chocolate: & Why It really does depend on my mood, I guess today I will choose Pump Street Sourdough and Sea Salt. I like it because it merries salty and sweet together.
Favorite Bitters and way to use it: Hmmm.... I love any of the Bob's Bitters. Last week I didn't bring any tea so I put Bob's chocolate and vanilla bitters in hot water and it was great. I also use these two bitters to add flavor and aroma while baking.
Hobby/Pastime when not working: Netflix and chill, lol. I also love to do anything outside.