Meet the Team

From the beginning we were about creating a place that felt like home - not just for our customers and vendors, but to our employees. We offered healthcare benefits to our very first employee. Soon we added retirement benefits, paid vacations, paid travel and other perks like payday salts and chocolates.

N Portland

The Meadow Mississippi ave exterior in snow
Portrait of shopkeeper Charlotte


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... September 2018

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Halen Môn Silver. Its crunchy, flaky texture makes every meal look that much more enticing and put together and it goes with everything!

Go-to chocolate bar: My all-time favorite chocolate is Bonnat's Surabaya bar. In deep winter, the smoky flavor and decadent feel of it brings me back to summer camping. Try it on a stove-top s'more - you'll thank me!

After work cocktail: Any spritz, anytime, anywhere. They're versatile, easy to drink and you can get as creative as you want with bitters and garnishes. Plus low alcohol content means I can enjoy more than one at a time.

Hobbies? In my free time, I love to explore the city with my film cameras, delve into music history, and enjoy the company of friends with food, drink, tunes and playing cards!

Portrait of shopkeeper Lyra


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... September 2022

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Definitely sel gris. I make a lot of soups and love the briny, high-mineral nature of it. I also have little pinches here and there when I'm crazing something salty.

Go-to chocolate bar: Mint chocolate. No matter how often I fall in love with new flavors, mint is always my mainstay. The Venchi Mint bar we carry is a perfect example!

After work cocktail: I'm not much of a drinker, to be honest, but I love cardamom bitters in my coffee! My favorite is making coffee with cinnamon, coconut cream, cardamom bitters, and a splash of maple syrup. Yum!

Hobbies? I'm a weaver, and I love creating woven wall art. I'm also a huge foodie and have strong herbalism background, so I love experimenting with flavors. I've even made herbal liqueur over the years!

Portrait of shopkeeper Robert


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... May 2022

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Fleur de Sel de l'Île de Ré - excellent crunch and flavor.

Go-to chocolate bar: SOMA Salted Licorice Caramel. I usually don't like licorice, but this is a very delicate and special kind of licorice.

Favorite way to use bitters: Miracle Mile Yuzu Bitters with anything!

Hobbies? Reading, running, astrology, cooking.

NW Portland

The Meadow NW 23rd ave shop interior
Portrait of shopkeeper Jocelyn


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... July 2022

Favorite salt for everyday eating: I go back and forth between Halen Môn Gold and Alaska Alder Smoked Salt! Gives a lovely lift to everything: fish, salads, curries, oatmeal and cookies, creamy desserts.

Go-to chocolate bar: Day-to-day, I'm definitely a recidivist when it comes to earl grey tea-infused chocolate from Crow & Moss. I love the way the tea flavor blooms after a moment. Makes me giggle. Most mind-blowing: Antidote Tomato and Anise.

Favorite way to use bitters: I'll put bitters in ANYTHING (including mocktails, salad dressings, marinades, baked goods) and especially enjoy black walnut bitters in hot chocolate.

Hobbies? Puttering with fabric projects on my mother's 1943 Singer sewing machine, and singing with my Sweetheart.

Portrait of shopkeeper Jessica


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... October 2016

Favorite salt for everyday eating: I toggle between the New Zealand Flake Salt and Fleur de Sel from Guatemala. I use both on avocado and veggie toast, fruits, salad, soups and more. An honorable mention goes to Kala Namak!

Go-to chocolate bar: I can't pick just one, but right now I always want to eat Ranger's Doug Fir Peppermint Patties! The texture is so perfect, it's minty and snappy. I'm addicted!

After work cocktail: I like sweeter, bubbly drinks! A spritz with rosé, an orange or grapefruit aperitif wine, and cherry or lavender bitters.

Hobbies? Baking, cooking, gardening, crafting, and anything that has to do with flowers. I enjoy going on bike rides, hiking and swimming.

Portrait of shopkeeper Kenzie


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... January 2023

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Salumami! I love it on my avocado toast with a little bit of lime. I also like putting it on eggs and chicken. It's just a really good salt to have on hand.

Go-to chocolate bar: SOMA Twinkle Bar. Tastes like caramel... but there's no caramel in it! It's so creamy and delicious. Plus the salt rounds it out so well.

Favorite way to use bitters: Hazelnut Bitters from The Bitter Housewife. I really like using it in salad dressings, just to give it a nice nutty flavor.

Hobbies? You can usually find me reading or painting. Probably with some rain music or crackling fire in the background. Just to keep me in the zone.

The Meadow SE Hawthorne shop exterior in spring

SE Portland

Shop Keeper Crissy


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... October 2023

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Bitterman’s Sel Gris, I like the mineral rich, briny flavor it adds.

Go-to chocolate bar: I’m currently loving the Askinosie Fruit Punch Bar, it’s a very jammy dark chocolate…. but ask me tomorrow and I’ll have another favorite.

Favorite way to use bitters: I really like bitters in seltzer, a little Dashfire Hibiscus and you’ve got yourself a fancy bubble water.

Hobbies? Pétanque, paddleboarding, making my kids to go on walks with me, any card or board game.

Portrait of shopkeeper Christiana


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... August 2019

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Fleur de Sel from Guatemala. The first salt I ever cooked with from The Meadow and to this day I remember how it transformed my simple scrambled eggs to something near magical. Satisfying crunch, rich minerality, gorgeous flavor, I am obsessed with it and think everyone should have this salt in their kitchen. I use it to finish, cook with, bake, everything!

Go-to chocolate bar: Castronovo Dark Milk with Fleur de Sel. I have so much respect for Denise Castronovo and her chocolate making skills that border on sorcery. Also, SOMA Mango Lassi is the first white chocolate bar that blew my mind. Close your eyes and you can almost feel a cool glass of mango lassi in your hand.

After work cocktail: Mai Tai or a Fog Cutter. Bonus points if it arrives aflame.

Hobbies? Herbalism, exploring other worlds through fantasy/ sci-fi novels, eating and cooking lots of good food, napping, doodling, petting people's dogs, attempting to pet every cat I see.

Meadow flowers floating
The Meadow Mulberry in new york city shop interior at christmas


Portrait of shopkeeper Eva


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... April 2022

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Haleakala Ruby - it's bold and hearty and beautiful.

Go-to chocolate bar: Mirzam's Dark Chocolate with Dates and Fennel is one of the most beautiful chocolate bars I've ever had. I could eat this bar every day and not tire of it!

After work cocktail: Mezcal Mule!

Hobbies? Deejaying or making mixes of rare and new grooves.

Portrait of shopkeeper Gabriella


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... September 2021

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Halen Môn Gold.

Go-to chocolate bar: Francois Pralus Ghana.

After work cocktail: Spagliato with Mr. Bitters Hickory & Honey or Mojito with Rhubarb bitters.

Hobbies? Gardening and knitting.

Portrait of shopkeeper Miguel


Shop Keeper

A meadowling since... April 2022

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Fleur de Hell™

Go-to chocolate bar: Fossa Chrysanthemum & Jasmine, or SOMA Porcelana.

After work cocktail: Aged amber rum on the rocks with a thin slice of lime, glass of sparkling water on the side (have to try with El Guapo Fuego bitters, excellent!)

Hobbies? Art expos and calisthenics. Mens sana in corpore sano!

Behind the Scenes

Interior shot of bitterman salt co headquarters
Portrait of Carmen, our shipper


Shipping & Fulfillment, Copy Editor, Truffle Popcorn Maker

A meadowling since... July 2020

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Roasted Garlic Salt for everything - all veggies, meat, popcorn, pasta. I freaking love it. I can't live without it. I also love the Skillet Cleaning salt.

Go-to chocolate bar: Puchero Pasiega Butter bar. And my new favorite - The Meadow Pistachio and Candied Orange bar. Also, our chocolate chips for chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, cookies, and more.

After work cocktail: I love using bitters as a digestive aid or to flavor sparkling water.

Hobbies? My kids! My grandbaby. I like to go for walks around Portland. I love the rain. Baking, taking baths, gift giving.

Portrait of Jess, our general manager


General Manager & Purchaser

A meadowling since... April 2017

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Sel Gris - great for baking, soups, sourdough breads, and more. Alaska Pure Flake for salads and hot chocolate. I love the clean, crisp, sparkling flavor.

Go-to chocolate bar: Castronovo Honduras Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel. It's fudgy, smoky, rich and delicious. Or Askinosie's Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel. Tastes like cheesecake!

After work cocktail: A dirty gin martini with Bitter Truth Olive Bitters.

Hobbies? Baking bread, gardening, petting all the puppies and kittens.

Have a product you think we should carry in our shops? Send me a message.

Portrait of Mark Bitterman, owner of The Meadow


Owner & Author

A meadowling since... the beginning

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Piran Sel Gris for crusty bread and unsalted butter, roasts, braised veggies, grilled meats.

Go-to chocolate bar: Puchero Churro or Mission Chocolate Two Rivers bar. Michel Cluizel Los Anconces. Bonnat Hacienda El Rosario. Qantu Reves de Cashmere. Meadow Classic Milk. And others, depending on the barometric pressure, time of day, etc...

After work cocktail: A perfect Manhattan with Bob's Abbott's Bitters. Or a London dry gin martini with The Bitter Housewife Lime Coriander Bitters.

Hobbies? Enduro riding, sailing, writing, photography, collaging, traveling, reading, perfecting panna cotta and cioppino.

portrait of hugo


Salt Supertaster

A meadowling since... the beginning

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Black Truffle Salt!

Go-to chocolate bar: Dick Taylor's Fleur de Sel.

After work cocktail: I'm only 20, so...

Hobbies? Aspiring surfer, reading, video games, backpacking, traveling.

Portrait of Kaitlin


Marketing & Operations

A meadowling since... April 2013

Favorite salt for everyday eating: Bitterman's fleur de sel forever! Herbes de Northwest for vinaigrettes, fish, potatoes, pastas.

Go-to chocolate bar: Venchi's Dark Chocolate with whole Piedmont hazelnuts. I've eaten 500+! The Meadow's Classic Milk Chocolate is another go-to.

After work cocktail: Gin martini - stirred - 3 anchovy stuffed olives. Not every day... of course.

Hobbies? Gardening, seed starting (a new obsession!), traveling, running, cooking.

portrait of adam, our postal carrier


Our Postal Carrier

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Did you know?

We recycle our glass jars! Bring back your cork, small or large glass jars and receive $1.00 per jar off your purchase.

We also use 100% recyclable packaging when shipping, and request that our vendors do the same.

Throw away your kosher salt!

We demand quality in our meals, and natural, hand-made salts are the most essential (and fun!) way to make your ingredients shine. Use good salt as a way to celebrate every meal.

If you love it, salt it!

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