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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions at The Meadow

You rang?

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, plus useful links to our guides on craft salt, Himalayan salt blocks, chocolate, and even fermenting sausage. We are currently updating this page regularly to add more FAQS.

Curbside Pickup

Q: Are you currently offering curbside pickup in Portland?

A: Updated September 1, 2020:

Yes! We are we are now offering In-Store Shopping and "Porchside" Pickup. Please see below for details.

Shopping at The Meadow NW 23rd & The Meadow Mississippi

  • 805 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210
  • 3731 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97227
  • Tuesday to Saturday
  • 12m to 5pm
    How it works:
    • Knock or ring bell for service.
    • We will help you choose the perfect salt, chocolate, bitters and mystery boxes from the door. We are not currently allowing customers inside to shop at this time.
    • To complete the order, we will help you with contactless payment
    • The Meadow staff is practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing between each pickup and delivery. We ask that for the safety of our staff and other customers, you wear a mask and practice social distancing as well. 

    "Porchside" Pickup at The Meadow NW 23rd 

    • 805 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210
    • Tuesday to Saturday
    • "Porchside" Pickup hours: 12pm to 5pm

    How it works:

    You can order one of two ways in Portland:

    • Call to place order: 503-305-3388
    • Please note we are currently closed Sundays and Mondays, so we will not be able to pick up the phone these days.
    • Place your order online and select "Local Pickup" at checkout.
    • Your order will typically be ready for pickup within 4 hours.
    • You will receive an email notification when your order is ready for pickup.

      Customer and Staff Safety

      The Meadow staff is practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing between each pickup and delivery. We ask that for the safety of our staff and other customers, you wear a mask and practice social distancing as well. See you (from afar...) soon!


      Q: How long does it take to ship my order once it's placed?

      A: Updated September 1, 2020:

      Due to COVID-19, we are currently running on a skeleton crew (aka Jess is shipping most orders!) We are not Amazon, and we're OK with that (and assuming, since you're here, you are too). If you need your order by a certain date, please place your order with 5 days wiggle room to ensure it gets to you.
      We are picking, packing and shipping orders around the clock. Most orders will be processed within 4 business days of receipt. Many orders are shipping sooner than that! Please note orders are not processed or shipped on weekends or holidays.Please allow an additional 4 to 5 business days for the package to get to you once it leaves our shop. Thank you for your understanding and support!


      Q: I'd like to place an order with multiple "Ship To" addresses. Can I do this in one order?

      A: Yes! Please click the "Ship to Multiple Addresses" on the cart page, then add your recipients shipping address.


      Order Details

      Q: I forgot to include a Gift Note with my order or I need to update my "Ship To" address. Help!

      A: Ok, so this isn't really a question per se, but we are here to help. Please respond to your order confirmation email OR email us at within 2 hours of placing of your order:

      • Subject line Help for TM#XXXXXXX
      • Your Gift Note
      • Your updated shipping address
      • Anything else
      • Phone number  

      Q: Help! I'm freaking out. I just placed an order, but haven't received a confirmation email with my order number. Did you receive my order?!

      A: Yes, this is freaky! And yes, we most certainly received your order! Sometimes our confirmation emails go to spam folders. Please check there for an email from with order details. All orders start with TM#. If you'd like to triple confirm any details of your order, please email us at 

      Q: I received a shipping confirmation email, but when I click on the tracking link there is no/limited information available. Help!

      A: Please check your tracking link again in 24 hours. It takes time to activate. Your package will get where it's going! And USPS, UPS and the like are really good at getting packages to people. *Our Heroes*

      Q: I forgot to punch in a discount code. Can you/I still apply a discount code after I placed my order?

      A: All discount codes or promos must be applied at the time of checkout. Only one discount code may be used at a time. Unfortunately, we are unable to retroactively apply discount codes after checkout. Thank you for your understanding.

      Q: I missed a sale or promotion. Can you retroactively apply it to my order?

      A: All promos or sales must be applied during the promotion window. Unfortunately, we are unable to retroactively apply any sale or promo deals after the offer expires. We are a small company, and we run limited promos from time to time. Thank you for your understanding! Please sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date on any promos or sales.

      Q: I'm having trouble navigating your website. Can you please help me?

      A: Yes, we are here to help. Please email us at with the following information:

      • Subject line New Order for TM#XXXXXXX
      • Item(s) you'd like to order
      • Name of products and variants/size if applicable
      • Quantity of each item
      • Your first and last name
      • Email address
      • Shipping address
      • Billing address
      • Phone number  

      Upon receipt of the information above, we will send you a link to "Complete Your Purchase", where you will enter your payment information. Please allow 48 hours for us to send you the information to complete your purchase. 

      Q: Do you offer discount pricing or a discount code if I purchase 5 or more of an item, or have an order over a certain dollar amount?

      A: Not at this time. We are a retail shop, and we sell retail products to retail customers. Our pricing reflects this. Thank you for your understanding and support! If you are a restaurant, bar, chef, food manufacturer or retail shop interested in wholesale salt offerings, please connect with us at Bitterman Salt Co.

      Wholesale Program with Bitterman Salt Co.


      Q: Can I return an item?

      A: It depends, but generally....YES! We want to make you happy. If, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, your items may be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase (in shop orders) or receipt of your shipment (online orders). However, due to health and safety regulations, we are unable to accept returns and all sales are final on the following items: chocolate bars, caramel sauces, drinking chocolates, anything perishable or otherwise edible (chips, caramel corn, nuts, etc)

      Our Return Policy


      Q: Is salt bad for me?

      A: It depends.... but generally, NO! More info coming.

      Q: Do you sell "Black Salt"? 

      A: Yes, we do. Here at The Meadow, we call it Kala Namak Indian Black Salt. It's commonly used in vegan/vegetarian dishes, as it lends a sulfuric, eggy taste to many dishes, like tofu scrambles. It's also fantastic on curry!

      Salt 101

      Guide to Curing with Salt

      History of Salt

      How to Salt Your Food

      What is Kala Namak, aka Indian Black Salt?

      Salt Blocks

      Q:  Do you have any information on how to cook on a salt block?

      A: YES! *Brags for a moment*

      We wrote the first ever book, in the history of ever, on Salt Block Cooking. It's called... Salt Block Cooking by Mark Bitterman (owner of The Meadow). And with more than 400,000 copies sold, we are dang proud of this book. Check it out! If you've ever watched a video on YouTube where someone's cooking on a salt block, you've likely seen content in action from this book.

      Also, for BBQ lovers: We wrote a new book for grilling on a salt block called, you guessed it, Salt Block Grilling.

      Q: Can you really cook on a salt block?

      A: Yes, you sure can. We will be updating our guides to cooking on salt blocks. In the meantime, check out these old school, vintage guides we created some time ago.

      Himalayan Salt Blocks 101 | Guide to Himalayan Salt Blocks

      How to Cook Steak on a Himalayan Salt Block

      Minerals in Himalayan Pink Salt: Spectral Analysis


      Q: Is chocolate good for me?

      A: YES! Chocolate is a nutrient dense, whole food, and fermented too boot. More info coming.

      Q: Is your chocolate vegan?

      A: We are lucky to carry an amazing selection of naturally vegan chocolate from an amazing community of beautiful artisan chocolate makers. That is to say, so many of the chocolates we sell contain only 2 or 3 ingredients: cacao, cocoa butter (vegan; naturally plant-derived from the cocoa pod); and sugar! We are also working on our own line of chocolate. Stay tuned.

      Chocolate 101

      How to Eat a Chocolate Bar

      How is Chocolate Made?


      Making Fermented Sausage

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