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Very good chocolate with a fun popping element. It’s like a party in my mouth.

Scorpion Salt
Annamarie Calvin
Different texture to scorpion salt

I have purchased scorpion salt in the past and the bottle I received this time had a different color and texture to the salt as if it had moisture in it. I purchased two large bottles and they were both the same. My last bottle I purchased did not look like these, although the taste is the same

A kitchen gem

Best salt for flavoring stews, soups and chicken

Everything shipped with no problems. The book was in great shape and each item was wrapped individually. Thank you for such good care of items.

A perfect gift!

I gave two bars of chocolate from the Meadow as a gift and my friend was very happy. The Mayan bar was a hit! Ranger chocolate is always a safe bet.

Great gift!

I ordered just one shipment as a gift for a friend and she keenly enjoyed the two chocolate bars that arrived! She remarked especially on the uniqueness and freshness of the chocolate. The Meadow can always be relied upon to deliver fresh and delicious chocolate!

Scorpion Salt
Gregory Davis
Great salt, poor packing.

I ordered three jars of salt (Scorpion salt, Fleur de Hell, and Sal de Gusano), on 08/19/2023. I received the shipment via USPS on 08/28/2023. When I opened the shipment I noticed that two of the salts looked wet.(Scorpion and Fleur de Hell), I had to remove the salts from the jars and spread them on a sheet pan, put them in a 170 degree oven for 10 minutes to dry them out. The cost of these salts should warrant The Meadow to use desiccants or other methods to protect their products from excessive moisture. I can recommend Bitterman’s salts, BUT they have got to do a better job packing and shipping.
5 stars for salt, 1 star for packing and shipping.

Hi Gregory, thanks so much for your feedback on our salts. Both our Fleur de Hell and Scorpion salt are made with a base salt of fleur de sel, which is inherently a more 'wet' salt as the crystals retain a lot of residual moisture content when harvested. For drier spicy salts, we'd recommend our Chili Lime or Sriracha salts, as the base salt is a fine-grained, dry Italian salt with very little residual moisture. Salts with dessicants are a widely traded commodity, mass-manufactured and eye-poppingly cheap. (We use organic brown rice powder as a dessicant only in one salt, our Roasted Garlic salt, as we find it absolutely necessary.) For all others, we believe in letting the beauty of the natural salt crystal as made by the sun, wind and sea, shine.

We'd love to learn more about any problems you had with packaging or shipping. If you'd like us to send you replacements or substitutions, please reach out to us at and we will take care of you! Best wishes, The Meadow


Creamy, dark chocolate with just touches of coconut & lime. Love it!

Great taste

Great quality


Very nice taste with just a hint of smoke...

Delicious sea salt

Thanks for doing my order by phone as I don’t use computer to order anything. The salt I wanted was the French sea salt which was nicely sent -substituted for that Haleakala that I didn’t want. It was the correction for how I was told it had to be ordered. Worked fine. Great service. Thank you. I really am longing for the bamboo x5 salt when it comes available and will definitely purchase. Please keep me posted? I absolutely LOVE that salt. My phone also-559-920-8105 you have best salts ever and also very good packaging and glass containers. Nice for me to order via phone call. Thanks again Sorine Patton

Great value!

Beautiful, various-sized pieces of Himalayan rock salt. Perfect for making sole!

Yum! That sounds divine.

Great gift

The staff at the Meadow were so helpful and knowledgeable. Got this as a gift for a friend but was very tempted to keep it :) She loved the variety.

Icelandic is a substitute for Hana Flake, but not nearly as good. Hope you can get some back.

Best chocolate ever!

I gave this to a friend who is a chocoholic
And she couldn’t say enough about how good it was

Chequessett 72% Dark Chocolate with Blueberries and Ginger
Andy Tinkham

We weren’t sure about the combination of blueberries and ginger together, but we knew each went well with chocolate on its own, so we gave this a try. We’re glad we did! The bar was really good, with the flavors harmonizing well. Definitely worth trying.

Love the Buttery Popcorn Salt

I was surprised how tasty the salt is. I have been using the pickling salt for years because I wanted small flakes. Your is so much better than I would have thought. I will buy it again, but it a bigger container. Thanks

Dolfin Milk Chocolate with Salted Butter Caramel
Ellen M Grimes

Outstanding service and absolutely delicious. Never disappointed with your products

Perfect amount of tingle with the excellent dark chocolate

white chocolate

The Candy bar was smooth and satisfying. The chocolate was nicw and smooth!


Quality brand and product that has a good kick!

Great Salt

I love the Flaked Rosemary Salt...unbelievable ...I had to hide it so the rest of the family could not find it. Adds great flavor to anything...I think you could put this stuff on Peanut Butter.

Fleuer de Sel

It is deceiving to call this Fleuer de Sel.
Usually Fleuer de Sel is made in France. This one is made in Afghanistan/another country, I do not have the package in front of me.

Hi there, thanks for your review! Though many people believe that a fleur de sel must be from France, this is incorrect. The quality of this salt, from Guatemala, rivals even the very best French sea salts. Bitterman's Fleur de Sel is hand harvested from solar-evaporated salt ponds by skimming just the finest crystals from the surface. This Fleur de Sel is made in Guatemala, known for its rich tropical climate, using salt pans in an area famed for supplying the Mayan Empire at the height of its power!!!

loved this bar

a fan of the darker chocolates, 85% or more, i decided to try this one b/c of the 'good food' award note. i find it to be fudgy, without being too sweet for me. there is a hint of dried fruit. & maybe some sweet tobacco leaf? really lovely.

You can’t go wrong with Ranger

Just like all there other bars this is just the most creamy balanced love song to a unique and delicious bean.