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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


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No more smell

I bought the Bitterman Skillet & Board Cleaning Salt for my cast iron pans and cutting Boards. I works so very well. My cast iron is clean without having to reseason and they maintain their non stick ability. As for my cutting boards, I use it on both wood and soft rubber boards. I make a great deal of sashimi and the fish smell is so hard to get rid of. Using the salt not only cleans all the stains, it removes the fish smell and both my nose and my kitchen really appreciate that. Get some and you will not be disappointed.

get some potassium in your diet with my favorite salt

...which also happens to be an essential piece in the jigsaw of the origins of life itself:

SaLt and chocolate a winning combination

I love this salt in fruit and as a topping for lemon infused desserts. It’s just the right touch.


A little goes a long way! Love it

So Tasty!

This is great. Has a nice Blue Cheese flavor. I could easily see myself sprinkling this over a salad and fooling myself that I had blue cheese in my salad.

Alaska Sea Salt

I love it! Perfect for topping off salads or steaks or fish.

Brilliant, as ever

Gifted this as a housewarming for some friends, and it was so well received! The Meadow crew has impeccable taste, and I'll be surely ordering this again.

Marou Ben Tre 78% Dark Chocolate
Another great one.

Melt in your mouth goodness here. Smokey and earthy and not overly tempered so melts in the tongue just right. Solid bar!

Rosemary Flaked Salt

Amazing 👏!

Delicious, Balanced Flavors

Very flavorful sea salt. Exciting, balanced, works especially well with seafood.

Scorpion salt

It is simply amazing. I will always purchase it. For the time it’s replacing my favorite Japanese salt. I hope you will be able to offer it once again. In the meantime, I am an ardent scorpion salt fan. Thank you!

Marvelous Mystery Meadow Box!

Given just a few small details about the recipients of this gift, The Meadow thoughtfully curated a box brimming with the most perfect salts, sweets, and bitters for my parents. It was hands down the best surprise gift I could have ever sent! Thank you so much.

A Wonderful Surprise

I would not usually order what seemed to be a "simple" salt. I am so very pleased that I decided to try this one. The taste and the consistency are fabulous. It is like no other salt I've used. Definitely on my re-order list!

Kala Namak salt

This salt rules.

Sulphur to delight the tongue

I use the Kala Namak coarse grain salt as a finishing salt for a number of foods. Just a grain or two imparts a distinctive sulphurous touch of flavor to foods. On sashimi with stronger flavors it contrasts with the fish. On vegetables, there is an additional bit of umami to savor.

Porcini Flake Sea Salt

Punch of chocolate flavor

Recently bought this chocolate sea salt to top off on cookies when I bake ... and wow, is it worth it! Adds the sweet/savory combo I was looking for to take my cookies over the top. Would highly recommend!

Gave as a gift

I gave this Salt Starter Set to my daughter in law for her birthday. She loves it and can't wait to try out the salts and recipes.

Decaf coffee

Delicious coffee. Glad I ordered it. Will do again.

Black Truffle Sea Salt

Pre-COVID, The Meadow had popcorn samples with this magic stuff sprinkled on top. I have been hooked ever since.

The perfect salt to top off all the amazing pandemic crackers coming out of the oven!

This is such a delight on top of my crackers and meals! A light sprinkling of the immensely flavorful yet with delicate notes. My perfect salt!

Wonderful salt!

We enjoyed the fresh clean taste of this salt.

Amazing chocolate

This chocolate is sublime. The flavours tickle the palate and leave a lasting impression of sweetness. The chocolate is not bitter but rather beautifully balanced in flavouring


Was originally looking to buy just the Black Truffle Salt but saw this 3 pack and thought I'll give it a shot.... glad I did! All three are great so far, looking forward to experimenting with them more. Also the Blue Lavender on ice cream was a sleeper hit!