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Hi you, with a bitters “problem.” I know you: you open a cupboard and bitters fall out; you open a present hoping it’s bitters; your partner gives you the side-eye as...


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Smoked Goodness
Strikingly beautiful
Wonderful summer gift box
Couldn’t be better!
Fleur de Sel Noirmoutier
Outstanding olive oil!
Lemon Flake sea salt
Hot, Spicy, Yummy
Lemon Flake
Clean tasting salt
Perfect All Around Salt
Excellent products & customer service
Garlic & Onion in Buttery Popcorn Salt
Hello Mary Rose! Thank you for your passionate review. One of the miracles of corn is that it is both universally loved and also a bit polarizing. There's corn with cotija cheese; there's corn with fresh lime and chili powder; there's corn with paprika, and yes... roasted garlic smeared all over it. This lowly grain, that originated some thousands of years ago in central america, has found its way into the hearts and imagination of virtually every cuisine in the world. We are sorry to hear this one was not to your liking. We do take care to list the ingredients of the product on the product page so as to minimize these kinds of surprises. 'Buttery Popcorn Salt - Ingredients: Sea salt, butter powder (cream, salt), green onion, nutritional yeast, garlic, spices. Contains milk.' But of course, we would be happy to refund you. Here is also links to 2 of our favorite salts that go great with plain butter and plain corn: Himalayan Salt: Fine Traditional Salt:
great salt cellar
So much fun!
Best all-purpose salt
Great customer service
Fresh fruity
Finishing Salts take my entrees to the finish line.