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Amazing chocolate

One of the best chocolates I’ve ever tried. Such bold flavor. A nice mix of bitter and sweet. Definitely worth a buy!

Excellent product

Delicious! High quality chocolate. Beautiful packaging too.

Cheese Salt Set
Cheryl Maloney
Love the Salt - Not the packing

The Meadow’s Salts are always a treat and this cheese trio exceptional.
They were shipped to the other side of the US and the lids weren’t tight so some of the salt leaked out into the packaging. It precluded me from giving it as a gift. Oh well. I’m obviously enjoying the salt myself :-)

Great for our Peugeot grinder

Thanks for the recommendation!

Makes Family Movie Night special!!!

My son’s family have a weekly movie night with popcorn. I am a popcorn nut so when I found this popcorn salt, I started gifting it to my son and boy did I get rave reviews from their kids!! Mom and dad love it too. We all prefer to avoid artificial stuff so this works for all of us! Great taste but go easy, it doesn’t take much for perfect butter flavored popcorn!

Dark & Rich

I’ve been exploring 100% chocolates, and this is one of the best ones I’ve tried! Very rich and dark. But not tart.
I can recommend this to beginner "100%" tasters!


Love the different flavors and tastes.

We loved our box!

I had a curated box made for Valentine's Day for my husband. I asked for dark chocolate of any kind because my husband loves dark chocolate. The Meadow made a wonderful box of interesting chocolates and they even added a few tiny chocolate sample pieces. It was beautifully wrapped. Can't wait to have an occasion to order again!

Black Truffle Sea Salt
Morgan Moore
Best Salt EVER!!!

I have continually gifted this salt to friends and family and keep giving mine away - I put it on everything but I especially love it on popcorn and when I spruce up some Annie's mac and cheese with sauteed kale. Makes the semi-homemade spectauclar!

Gift card purchase

The best ever!

My friend who received the box for Valentines Day said it was the best chocolate he had ever tasted! And he has sampled many different brands/labels. Meadow had the most beautiful gift box and really interesting flavors so I ordered the 10 bar assortment which the staff picked out. 5 milk and 5 dark. Yum! .

Thank you so much for your review and feedback on our chocolate, Ann!


What a burst of flavor. There are so many dishes that are enhanced by this salt: eggs, popcorn, biscuits, grilled cheese….get creative with it!

wonderful mix of chocolate

It was exciting to open this and see all the different kinds of chocolate and now choosing which to enjoy each day.

Love it

Very nice and great color.. thanks


I did purchase a digital gift card as a present for my daughter, however, I never received any additional package.

The gift card came as an email to me that I then was instructed to forward to my intended recipient.

Please let me know if you are sending additional items and I can provide my daughter’s mailing address.

FYI - I encourage you to set up your digital gift card system so that it can be directly delivered to the intended recipient vs forwarding an email. And you also are able to collect another email of a new customer.

Hi Anna, thanks for your feedback! Yes, we hear you. We are currently working on customizing our gift card product. In the meantime, you can find more about how our current gift cards are delivered below, or on the product page:

Note: Gift certificates are *now* delivered electronically via email to the purchaser's email address. A confirmation email will be sent to the gift giver's email address containing the gift card code; please forward this email to the recipient, and keep this email for your records. A snail mail gift card can be sent upon request, if possible. Please email us at


I have to is kind of hard to imagine what anyone could possibly do with a container of salt. Meadow has accomplished that almost impossible task. I have not got a bad container of salt yet. My most recent purchase of the Rosemary salt is so good matched with a hot bowl of soup up here in the North.
Great products, not had a bad one yet.


Beautiful & Unique!

First of all the packaging is absolutely eye catching, it was the first thing I noticed. The real beauty was on the inside, the creamy pink & speckles were so inviting. The flavor is fruity, creamy, and out of this world. I'm definitely gifting this one as soon as I can!

Cheese Salt Set
Michelle Mazala
Salts Amazing, Jars Terrible

The salts taste amazing. Strong, delightful flavors. Love the product quality.

The problem is the jars. The lids do not stay on, so when you lift up the jar by the top, you spill. The lids do not stay on during packaging, so they spill. The jar bottoms come out of the boxed packaging covered in the spilled salt dust, so you get salt all over your table. Even after wiping the bottoms of the jars with a wet cloth, still salt (it took several wipe/dry/wipe cycles to fully remove). Since the jars won't stay closed and the salt gets everywhere, I have to keep them upright in a sturdy basket with a note that reminds me to be very careful with my jars. I'm sure I'll forget at some point and spill again. The basket makes me sad because I love these little salts and would love to display them prominently on a shelf with the labels readable and facing outwards, but that would make a mess of my shelf.

Still, great salts.

Fantastic Flavor

Never had this prior to your offer recently. We love it! Goes beautifully on the rim of a margarita or even a straight shot of good tequila or mezcal. Sprinkled on eggs… yum! Adds a nice finishing touch to seared steak or scallops.

Black Truffle Sea Salt
Tracy Rauscher
We love the Meadow

So far we’ve enjoyed everything we have purchased and our friend loved her lifetime supply of salt.

Delicious! 😋

Custom Holiday Box - Send holiday cheer straight to their door!
regina winkler

Custom Holiday Box - Send holiday cheer straight to their door!

Hi Regina, thanks for your feedback. We'd love to learn more about your experience - can you please reach out to us at Thank you! Best wishes, Kaitlin

Reduced sodium version

Reduced sodium version please. You have a great product but it has too much salt. Can you offer a reduced sodium version of the same product?

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your feedback. I will share this with our product development team. Best wishes, Kaitlin

Venchi Tiramisu Milk Chocolate Bar
Better than coffee

This is a very rich and creamy chocolate bar. Its softer than most dark chocolate. The coffee taste is strong, like a good Tiramisu which I haven’t been able to eat for years because I can no longer tolerate gluten. With this gluten-free bar I get the taste of my once favorite dessert in just a couple bites. As rich as this is, it is going to last me a while. I’ll definitely buy it again.

cute chocolate and inventive flavors

I was looking for gifts for a few children I know and found this product. I hadn't tried it myself but given the care of packaging/flavors I would venture are equally delicious!