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I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Bitterman's Fleur de Sel Sea Salt


Bitterman's Fleur de Sel is hand harvested from solar-evaporated salt ponds by skimming just the finest crystals from the surface. This Fleur de Sel is made in Guatemala from salt pans in an area famed for supplying the Mayan Empire at the height of its power.

The salt has delicate crystals, luscious moisture, satisfying crunch, and a rich, balanced mineral taste.

Use: Like any fleur de sel, it's generally the best salt for finishing delicate to medium-bodied foods ranging from Caprese salad, to cooked vegetables, eggs, and fish - even leaner meats like pork, game beef filet, etc.

Though many people believe that a fleur de sel must be from France, this is incorrect. The quality of this salt rivals even the very best French sea salts. Bitterman's Fleur de Sel is evaporated without the use of fossil fuels and is transported over sea by ship, resulting in one of the lowest carbon footprints of any salt.

Ingredients: Sea salt

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful service!

I’ve ordered from The Meadow several times now and must say that I am very impressed with your service! Thanks much, and I’ll definitely be ordering again. Also, this is the BEST salt - just perfect for finishing (and I use it for some of my baking as well!)

Salty goodness

How did I ever live without you! Love the variety and quality!

Salty language

Bitterman's salt makes me want to use some really salty language. Their fleur de sel is "putain bon !" It's how I define "a pinch of salt." It's perfectly balanced, no bitter aftertaste. It is sharp & clean. Makes me say, "Mmmgh !"

Waiting to see

I'd happily review the salts I purchased, but they're a gift for Xmas and so no one including me has opened or tasted them. I don't suppose this qualifies as a review, but I didn't want you to think I wouldn't review when I could.

My go to for salt

My favorite product is the salt and pepper blend, but when I just need salt this is what I reach for.