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I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Pantry Essentials Kit

Want to really taste all that your summer, spring, fall or winter garden and the abundance of your local farmers market has to offer? We've gathered together a small handful of our all-time favorite pantry goodies and brought them to The Meadow's little online pantry.

Enjoying warm heirloom tomatoes straight off the vine, fresh-picked arugula or romaine from the garden, juicy nectarines, strawberries, and peaches, or fistfuls of fresh basil and parsley just got a whole lot tastier. After all, summer/spring/fall/winter bounty often needs only a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of vinegar, a spoonful of honey, or... a sprinkle of salt.

Pantry Essentials Kit includes:

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Blera, Italy

Silky, bold extra virgin olive oil with a big peppery finish. Made from local, late-harvest 100% Caninese olives. Excellent for sautés and sauces, yet versatile enough to be used as a finishing touch on every thing from fresh bruschetta, to grilled fish, pastas and bread warm from the oven. 

White Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy

A pantry staple! White balsamic vinegar made with USDA-certified organic Trebbiano grape must and white wine vinegar. Sweet, ever-so-slightly acidic vinegar prized for its versatility in our kitchen. Tastes of wild peach, lemon, apple. Equally a standout on sweet dishes as it is in savory dishes. Use this white balsamic vinegar on all manner of cooked, roasted, grilled or fresh veggies!

Tasmanian Honey from Australia or Chestnut Honey from Italy

This honey tastes like... warm summer days, sweet wildflowers, perfume of a bustling meadow. Soft, wild floral flavor with a rich candied texture. This is wild honey. Tasmania’s millefiori 1,000 flower honey is gathered from the pasture lands of the lush wild southern island.

Chestnut honey is for the serious honey lover: dark, dense, and bitter with woody aromas of hay and bark, and a strong tannic finish. It’s loaded with pollen, mineral salts and tannins, and very low in acidity which gives it its unique pungency. Its bold flavor is matched by a rich dark brown color reminiscent of molasses.

Bitterman's Herbes de Northwest from Portland, Oregon

Herbes de Provence, local-style. Enjoy the flavor and aroma of the bold Pacific Northwest! Scatter liberally over goat cheese, omelets and anything grilled. Blue spruce aroma and with sun-kissed sea salt elevate Provence’s timeless blend of lavender, thyme, sage, marjoram, and rosemary.

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