hawaiian & himalayan & more


Sharp & intense, buttery & rich, visually interesting, these salts offer both flavor and beauty to every dish.

Hawaiian Salt is made using traditional methods, often infusing activated charcoal or clay into solar-evaporated sea salts.

Impact: Buttery crystals add rich flavor and visual interest to dishes.

Uses: For fruit salads, grilled fish, guacamole, cocktail rims and more.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is 600 million year old salt mined from the Punjabi mountain range and is commonly used as an all-around cooking and seasoning salt in kitchens all around the world.

Impact: Sharp, intense saltiness.

Uses: Fine grained Himalayan salt is an ideal way to season popcorn, homemade French fries or to use in baked goods. Use coarse Himalayan salt as a bed to roast shrimp or in a salt grinder.