The Meadow Salt Set + Craft Salt Cooking

Size: Tin

Six finishing and cooking salts for the culinary enthusiast! PLUS Mark Bitterman's best-selling book, Craft Salt Cooking!

The perfect gift: The Meadow Set of six gourmet sea salts and a copy of Mark Bitterman's best-selling recipe book, Craft Salt Cooking. Salt is the most powerful ingredient in the kitchen. Every natural salt has its own personality - minerals, moisture content, color, and crystals as diverse as snowflakes. Take advantage of these characteristics and suddenly a whole new vista of culinary opportunities presents itself. Using the right salt the right way is the easiest and most cost-effective way to celebrate every meal.

The Meadow Salt Set includes 3 salts for everyday cooking and seasoning and 3 salts for sparkle and pizzazz.

Fleur de Sel de Gu érande - Delicate fleur de sel for grilled meats, veggies, bread & butter.

Piran Sel Gris - Moist, mineral rich sel gris for veal, pork, roasts, pasta water.

Icelandic Lava - Charcoal colored shards for grilled fish, lean means, rice, veggies.

Bitterman's Salumami - Our all-purpose seasoning salt for literally everything. Umami dynomite for steaks, scrambled eggs, chicken, roasted veggies, soups, stews, avocado toast.

Herbes de Northwest - Pacific Northwest bounty for fresh green salads, poached fish, roasted veggies. A crowd favorite!

Black Truffle Sea Salt - The most cost-effective way to get truffles into your diet! Heady, aromatic, rich black truffle infused sea salt for popcorn, eggs, pastas, breads, and more.

Net weight by volume:

  • Tins: 1oz each
  • Taster Cork Tops: 1.2oz each
  • Small Jars: 2oz each

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Karen R
Small but Mighty!

Got them as presents for friends who always wanted to know where I got my salt. Much appreciated!

Great salt

My friend just received her birthday present of a variety pack of salt from the Meadow and she loved it.
I'm very happy we have a store so close by. Great products and great staff.

Becca Robinson
Great gift for grillers or foodies

Love this for everyone who likes food!

Gretchen Dengler
So much fun!

I gave it as a gift but have only heard great things about it!

Karen Linsangan
Bon Appetit

The finishing salt set is a wonderful addition to my kitchen spices.
The product was carefully wrapped and in excellent condition upon arrival.