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Shinkai Deep Sea Salt (also called Suzu Shio and Suzushio), is a premium Noto sea salt from the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. You will be amazed by its distinctive flavor. This is a true sea salt packed with natural minerals that provide bitterness, sweetness, slight acidity and, of course, saltiness. Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is a rich and full tasting sea salt, and is one of the best from Japan.

Like other Japanese sea salt, Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is slightly moist. It has balanced mineral components and excellent distinctive taste. Adding Shinkai Deep Sea Salt to soups, dressings, or simmered and braised dishes both in Japanese and Western preparations enhances the flavor of all prepared dishes. Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is also perfect for use as condiment for tempura, sashimi or fried and grilled dishes.

Suzu Shio (Suzushio) Shinkai Deep Sea salt production was was established in 1998 by Shoji Koyachi as a small research project to bring back a long forgotten salt production process and business to what had been a historic salt producing region, Nagahashi Town, Suzu City, on the Noto Peninsula. After three years of study and research, the company began to produce sea salt with a staff of three employees, Ms. Junko Tsunetoshi, Ms. Tadako Shimo and Ms. Eiko Miyashita.

These three women handle the hefty tasks of the salt production process with only rare help from some burly male associates. Four times each month 20,000 gallons of sea water is processed to produce just 400 pounds of Shinkai Deep Sea salt (Suzu shio, Suzushio). This delicious sea salt comes from the hands of three hard-working, very determined women. Every grain of salt carries their love and message of good health and wonderful taste.

    Ingredients: sea salt