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Baked S'mores with Campfire Salt

Baked S'mores with Campfire Salt 0



  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  • Layer Graham Crackers in your favorite baking dish
  • Top Graham Crackers with one layer of marshmallow halves
  • Sprinkle chocolate over marshmallows, and finish with another layer of marshmallow halves
  • Bake for 10 minutes, and sprinkle with Campfire Smoked Salt
  • Enjoy!
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Watermelon Shooters with Lemon Salt

Watermelon Shooters with Lemon Salt 0

A delicious and fresh summer drink that serves around 4 people. The perfect way to take advantage of summer watermelon. This drink plays well with vodka, tequila, rum, and more, however it is just as tasty on its own. Have fun and make it your own, there are no rules!

Recipe from Bitterman's Field Guide to Bitters and Amari | Hot Bittered Rum 0

The presence of mulling spices in a drink is no big thing, except when the spices are actually mulling in the drink. Adding cloves and lemon peel to hot alcohol results in lightning-fast extraction of flavors that at first sip are delicious but can quickly become overwhelming. By the time you’re done, you feel like you need to dip yourself in alcohol to extract all the clove and limonene from you. Let bitters do the heavy aromatic lifting, and enjoy the stability of balanced bitter sweetness as it supports the boozy, spicy warmth at the heart of the drink.





Recipe taken from Mark Bitterman's new book, Bitterman's Field Guide to Bitters and Amari.
Drinking Chocolate with Taha'a Vanilla Salt

Drinking Chocolate with Taha'a Vanilla Salt 1

Another way to experience the power and revel in the versatility of chocolate is to drink it.

The history of drinking chocolate dates back to the deepest shadows of pre-civilization; for hundreds of years, and possibly for thousands, French, Spanish, Aztecs, and Olmecs have consumed it as a drink. When melted down, superbly crafted dark chocolate reaches its fullest expression. It is complex and stimulating; an entire jungle of Theobroma cacao chocolate trees spring up from your taste buds, revealing before you unexpected textural dimensions and infinitely varied flavors.