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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


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I Am Love

Back in 2009 I was walking by a movie theater down by Canal Street in the rain. With nothing better to do I walked in, sat down, and watched “I Am Love.” Then there was the love scene amidst wildflowers. And that was that. The scene with Tilda Swinton eating prawns is surely the most remarkable piece of food porn ever put to cellulose. Ever since then I’ve had a fantasy of mixing a drink for Tilda Swinton. This would be the drink I’d make for her.

Serves 2 (you and your love)

Pour everything but the cherries over ice in a chilled mixing glass. Stir steadily until the desired dilution is reached: about 15 seconds if using ice from a bucket or 30 seconds if using ice straight from the freezer. Strain into chilled martini or coupe glasses. Garnish with the cherries.


Recipe adapted from Bitterman's Field Guide to Bitters & Amari