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Salt Crust Scallops with Thai Lime Dipping Sauce

Salt Crust Scallops with Thai Lime Dipping Sauce 0

What other taste is more perfect for hot weather than Thai food? This tangy, salty dish is a Thai inspired recipe from Mark Bitterman's Salt Block Cooking

Watermelon, Goat Cheese, and Mint Skewers on a Salt Block 0

Sweet, juicy watermelon slices, creamy goat cheese, and fragrant mint are made only better when served on a stunning slab of pink salt.




Layered Caprese Salad with Balsamic and Olive Oil on a Salt Block 0

A refreshing and comforting salad, drizzled with Italian balsamic and buttery smooth olive oil, and salted by sitting on top of a plate made of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.




Salt-Crisped Whole Fish with Mint and Pickled Ginger 0

Fish has been a delicacy for as long as humans can remember. It's light, beautifully presented, and delicious. There are many ways to cook up fish, but the easiest (and most flavorful) way to cook it is whole. Here is a recipe from Salt Block Cooking, by Mark Bitterman, for a fresh, crispy, and visually dramatic way to cook up and serve fish.