Our Recipes — Bitterman's Fleur de Sel


Recipe from Salted: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral | Caramels with Bitterman's Fleur de Sel 0

Bitterman’s Fleur de Sel works beautifully on salted caramels.  The small crystals dissolve quickly on the tongue, pouring out a surge of salty intensity that’s backed by the buttery richness and creamy texture of the caramel. The resulting confection is one that’s flavorful, lusciously smooth, salty, yet sweet, and perfectly balanced on the tongue. Though many people believe that a fleur de sel must be from France, these caramels will show you that’s not the case.


Salted Maple Pecan Pie 1

A classic pie made special with maple syrup and finished with Bitterman's Fleur de Sel, perfect for a cold, wintry day.

Thai Snapper with Bitterman's Flake Sea Salt 0

A mouth watering recipe for a crispy tangy spicy red snapper, flavors singing in exotic Southeast Asian voices, paired with Bitterman's Flake Salt. Written by our very own Mark Bitterman.