The Meadow 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

You want to taste all that olive oil has to offer, right? That means, it has to be from the most recent harvest. And right now that means that bottle has to tell you 2020/2021. It sounds crazy, I know.

But if you've ever tasted olive oil when traveling through Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and exclaim to yourself "What the hell is this ridiculously, ambrosial, life-giving liquid?" Well, here's your answer.

Silky, bold extra virgin olive oil with a big peppery finish. Made from local, late-harvest 100% Caninese olives. Excellent for sautés and sauces, yet versatile enough to be used as a finishing touch on every thing from fresh bruschetta, to grilled fish, pastas and bread warm from the oven.

The Meadow's Classic Vinaigrette

Combine all ingredients in mason jar. Put lid on mason jar and shake vigorously to combine, about 20 seconds. Serve immediately over fresh bitter greens. We like escarole, but arugula, dandelion greens or frisée works beautifully.

This olive oil is made by Colli Etruschi, a famed olive oil cooperative founded in 1965. Located just north of Rome in Blera, Italy, they use only locally grown Caninese olives harvested by hand each fall. Upon harvesting, the green, fresh olives are sent to the olive press within 12 hours to maximize the olive's flavorNicola Fazzi, an agronomist and champion of Italian olive oil, leads Colli Estrushci with cutting-edge innovation and techniques to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oils available.
  • Region: Viterbo, Lazio
  • Farm cooperative
  • Varietal: Caninese
  • Color: Vivid green
  • Aroma: Cut grass, lime
  • Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 16.9oz / 500ml bottle
  • Made in Italy

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charles Hill
Great service

The products are better then expected!! Been looking for the rosemary salt for awhile and it’s awesome! The olive oil is good for dipping with a good bread.. Thanks

Claudia Black
Outstanding olive oil!

This olive oil is just like you get in Europe—the right vintage and it has that green grass flavor that hits the back of your throat! It is hard to find in the states and I’m delighted that The Meadow is carrying it!

The best olive oil, spoil me!

I love olive oil and I particularly love this olive oil! It is buttery, grassy, not too tangy, and adds the perfect finishing touch to really anything. Salads, fruit, meats, on a spoon sprinkled with flakey salt directly to your mouth, ice cream (because if you are here you are classy like that). It is simply the BEST.

paul sabo

The Meadow 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Italy

Heather Ford
Delicious summer treat

From simple-dipping fresh slices of a warm French baguette-to an elegant salad dressing, this olive oil lights up any recipe! It's our favorite drizzled over our Cherokee Purple tomatoes, right after we pick them out of the garden.