The Martini in Amber

by Mark Bitterman

The martini is the velociraptor of cocktails, effortlessly perfect in its irrefutable, reptilian logic. It cannot be improved, it cannot be perfected, it cannot be mastered. But what is a martini? What are its proportions? Is it gin, vermouth, water, olive, or twist? Or, as the ancient manuscripts tell us, are there bitters in the martini’s DNA? A few dashes of citrus bitters may not answer the question once and for all, but through the palest amber of liquids in your glass you will see, at last, the perfection of the question.

Serves 1 (you)

  • 2½ ounces London dry gin (Beefeater, Bombay, or Tanqueray)
  • ¾ ounce dry (white) vermouth (we like Dolin)
  • 2 dashes citrus bitters
  • A few olives, for garnish

Pour everything but the olives over ice in a chilled mixing glass. Stir steadily until the desired dilution is reached: about 15 seconds if using ice from a bucket or 30 seconds if using ice straight from the freezer. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with the olives.

Optional bitters embellishment: Instead of mixing the bitters into the cocktail, float the dashes on top of the finished drink to accentuate the aromatics.


P.s. Enjoy these photos from our 2016 Election Party!

      Election Party 2016      Election Party 2016 

Election Party Oysters 2016

      Election Party 2016      Election Party 2016


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