Lemon Flake Sea Salt

Title: Taster - Cork Top Jar

For fresh foods, pastas, salads, cocktails, cookies and more!

Lemon Flake is hand harvested from the Mediterranean Sea after being channeled through a network of dikes and ponds. These massive pyramidal crystals provide an extraordinarily satisfying crunch, dappled with sunshine in the form of an infusion of bright, pungent, candy-sweet lemon juice flavor. It's a natural for seafood, vegetables, and sweets. Try Lemon Flake sprinkled over hot grilled asparagus. Crush Lemon Flake a bit between your fingers and you have the perfect salt for rimming glasses for margaritas, Bloody Marys, and whiskey sours. It's even great on the rim of a nice light beer, the perfect refreshment on a warm summer day.

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    Ingredients: Sea salt, lemon, turmeric (for color)

    Customer Reviews

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    Goes great on veggies & eggs!! Adds freshness to any dish

    The BEST Lemon Flake Sea Salt

    I have been using this Lemon Flake Sea Salt as a finishing salt for years and always get great comments on it. I enthusiastically suggest using it when making a Caprese Salad.

    Heather Lynch

    Meadow inspired me for all my holiday gifts and baking. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I bought the lemon salt and white chocolate lemon bars. Baked some lemon ricotta cookies and tucked in Meyer lemons. A burst of sunshine in the middle of winter!

    MaryEllen Schwab

    I bought them for gifts so I have no reviews.

    Donald P. Sundelius
    Lemon Flake from Cyprus

    This is my second purchase of this gem that I stumbled on by accident. I love the flavor of a lemon so when it comes to lemon "flavoring" of any sort, I am skeptical.
    The taste and balance of this salt is excellent. Start with a small sample, like anything, and work your way up to your desired taste. It is excellent at enhancing the taste of most all seafood that I have added it to.
    And my favorite...home made ice cream. I always go heavy on the "pinch of Kosher salt" that the recipe calls for. But most importantly my pinch is Lemon Flake Sea salt from Cyprus! My SECRET!