Campfire Smoked Salt

Title: Taster - Cork Top Jar

A pinchable crystal of campfires memories, of the great meals and great times you've spent outdoors under the swaying conifers, the sound of surf or a mountain stream in the distance. Fine grained, baconey-smoky sea salt from the craggy coast of Maine. This salt is custom-made for us: evaporated with nothing but solar energy. Harvested by hand. Ground up by hand. Cold-smoked by hand with Maine apple wood. Very nice stuff! Sprinkle generously on burgers, cocktail rims, fish, chocolate tortes... Of course, few of us eat chocolate tortes with any regularity. So how about just thinking of this the Great Outdoors incarnate?

Ingredients: Sea salt, smoke

From Maine!

Customer Reviews

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Jane Raphael
Warm Summer Nights

Delicious, truly smokey like a summer campfire on warm summer nights. We’ve added this powdery salt to a few different dish types: Fish, chicken and steak. It’s delicious! Also used a good amount in homemade split pea veggie 🍜, it was amazing. Don’t wait to order, it’s a major culinary asset in the kitchen. 🔥

Love the flavor!

This is a smokey salt that reminds me of campfire memories, and you can't go wrong with that. It's addictive and I will be sharing it with the entire family. My only complaint was that mine arrived with several clumps, but most were able to be shaken out.

Katrina S
Smokiest salt in the west!

This is absolutely my husband's favorite seasoning to put on everything. Avocado toast, over soups and stews, in stir frys, he's done it all. Buy this if you love being reminded of nights around the campfire or just love smoke!

Natasha Skinner
Best tasting salt ever

All of the salts add to every dish I have made

Tracy Curry

Campfire Smoked Salt