Bitterman's Black Lava Salt

Title: Taster - Cork Top Jar

Hand harvested fleur de sel is carefully infused with detoxifying activated charcoal. Use wherever big bold vision impact is desired. Sprinkle on top of avocado toast with tahini and lime, braised lentils, or grilled corn on the cob slathered in chili butter.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, activated charcoal

    Made in Portland, Oregon!

    Customer Reviews

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    Anne M Gundry
    Black as the beach at Punalu'u

    I was intrigued by this beautiful ebony salt as it sat in the bottle. It's flavor is a deep rich salty flavor. It's flavor and looks are outstanding!

    Joan M
    Feeling Sad

    I was running low on a Hawaiian black salt, which is probably in my top 3 as far as salts go. I was super excited to see this at The Meadow, and purchased a large jar (assumptions, right?) to keep me supplied. The salt is pretty, and it does add flavor (it is salt, after all), but I found the overall taste less than thrilling, which is a disappointment every time I break it out.

    Pat Fili-Krushel
    a new fabulous seasoning

    loved the black salt! and it looks great too.

    Sondra Smith
    Quality product.

    My friend gifted me a tin a year ago.happy to find the website to reorder after it was gone.

    Jennifer Krueger
    It's lovely, but I like other black salts better.

    This is indeed a black salt. But there is kind of a transparency to it. It looks more like a black smoke cloud than a piece of coal. The salt crystals seem to have a very uniform shape. And overall I feel like this salt is kind of moist. I had been using the black diamond and crushing it for something finer, so I tried this. I also use the Japanese bamboo salt pretty regularly. This black lava salt is now my fall-back, but not my absolute fav.