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Bitterman's Skillet & Board Cleaning Technique Salt

Cast iron takes a visit to the fountain of youth! Coarse, abrasive Himalayan salt and finely jumbled fleur de sel are specially blended to provide the best results for maintaining your cast iron cookware. Sprinkle a handful of this all-natural cleaning salt onto your cast iron immediately after cooking, while the skillet is still warm, then rub the salt into cast iron to remove rust, residue, caked on food and more. After a quick rinse, your cast iron is good as new! Consider finishing your cast iron by rubbing in a tablespoon of vegetable oil to seal it.

Ingredients: Sea salt, rock salt

Net weight: 1.25lb / 20oz

Made in Portland, Oregon!

Customer Reviews

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No more smell

I bought the Bitterman Skillet & Board Cleaning Salt for my cast iron pans and cutting Boards. I works so very well. My cast iron is clean without having to reseason and they maintain their non stick ability. As for my cutting boards, I use it on both wood and soft rubber boards. I make a great deal of sashimi and the fish smell is so hard to get rid of. Using the salt not only cleans all the stains, it removes the fish smell and both my nose and my kitchen really appreciate that. Get some and you will not be disappointed.


Yay! So happy our product got all your cast iron pans and cutting boards squeaky (and salty) clean!


Great customer Service

I was interested in a bulk order and made a quick phone call to the shop to see if they could fulfill it. Not only were they able to fulfill it, but they got it to me in such a short amount of time.

Yay! We are so happy that you were satisfied with our customer service :) Customer Service is a huge priority to us here at The Meadow and we are so happy that we were able to deliver :)



Skillet & Board Cleaning Salt

I have not used the cleaning salt yet but the other salt jars I ordered were all well wrapped and packaged very securely to avoid any breakage. The salts were delivered on time as promised and there were no problems with my order. Thank the salts!

Great cleaning salt!

I bought this cleaning salt to scour our Lodge Blacklock Skillets, since we wouldn’t want to use dish soap on them. This salt works great and you don’t have to use more than a small palmful each time. You can use with paper towel—it cleans so well and so easily that you don’t need chain mail. I used this salt to clean other items that I would rather not use dish soap or dishwasher on as well, such as wood cutting boards, Nordic Prism baking sheets and baking pans, Lodge griddle, and Pampered Chef stoneware. It’s gentle to surfaces; it won’t remove seasoning or cause damage, but yet it removes residues and discolorations perfectly. It’s a great way to safely and effectively scour kitchenware that require special cleaning care, and the mixture of coarse pink crystals (for abrasion) and fluffy white crystals (for absorption) works much better than using just regular coarse salt. Very satisfied with this product and will purchase again as needed.