Our Recipes — sel gris


Osso Bucco with Sel Gris Gremolata 0

Man Ray. Some names were just tailor made for greatness. If my parents had thought to name me Man instead of Mark I might actually have made something of myself. Picasso. Nobody named Picasso could not be great, if you know what I mean. The name, Osso bucco has that air of irrefutable deliciousness. Veal shank braised in aromatic herbs, spices, and vegetables, a bit of wine and the incredible mouth feel of veal bone marrow that dissipates slowly throughout the flesh...

Roasted Lemon Chicken with Sel Gris 0

Coarse, crunchy salts like sel gris (coarse sea salt) should be a legally required addition to roast chicken. The real question is, should the salt go on before you tuck the bird into the oven, or after you have carved it and set it on the table? Before you don your finest wrestling gear to settle the matter with violence, consider the possibility that both are great.