Our Recipes — olive oil


Vegetable Sandwich with Amabito 0

The vegetables of summer are steadily dropping off their vines and sliding back into the sun-soaked recesses of memory. Much as I look forward to fall–rain, endive, leaves, rain, a hiatus from mowing the lawn, endive, rain–I still crave the crisp, succulent, almost arrogant freshness of a veggie sandwich: all that is vegetal between the savory bookends of bread and cheese.

Spinach-Shiitake Gratin with Maine Coast Sea Salt 0

Usually the thing to ask when using salt is: how can I make the most of the interplay between salt and food? There’s texture to consider, the mineral flavors of the salt itself, and the visual cues that sensuously salted food can provide to get the engines of your appetite revving.

Thai Snapper with The Meadow Flake Sea Salt 0

A crispy tangy spicy red snapper: flavors singing in exotic Southeast Asian voices. Restless nights preceded this recipe. There was hand wringing. Soul searching. The dilemma of which salt. Bali Rama, with its arrowhead tips of explosive freshness, was the seductive choice, a magnificent sea salt that seems never to steer me wrong.

Salt Block Scallops with Szechuan Peppercorns and Citrus 0

Sautéeing on Himalayan salt blocks creates exponentially more flavor than sautéeing in a conventional skillet. This is because a salt block cooks your food in two ways. At a blazing 500 degrees or higher, the heavy block of salt has enormous thermal mass, sizzling away moisture to produce a thick crust of rich, concentrated flavor.