: December 2014 0

Mark Bitterman, the author of The Salt Block Cooking Cookbook, showed Dav how to make lush European-style drinking chocolate—with a uniquely and deliciously modern American twist. It’s surprisingly easy, and believe it or not, incredibly healthy. Chocolate, water, a pinch of spice and salt! The unexpected twist is to add a dash of cocktail bitters at the end: orange, lemon, cardamom, cherry and more! A great idea for holiday parties, power lunches at the office, Valentine’’s Day breakfast in bed surprises, or just a peaceful evening at home.

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: August 2013 0

It's a way to cook food that is both incredibly delicious and visually stunning. Mark Bitterman, co-owner of The Meadow and author of the new book, Salt Block Cooking, joined us to show off how the ancient mineral can make foods from ice cream to meats taste even better.

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