Soma Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate

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After 12 years learning about this rare cacao (often referred to as the holy grail of cacao) Soma was able to secure a few bags of these precious beans from the region south of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. Estación Experimental Chama, is a germplasm bank dedicated to the preservation of Porcelana, most of its harvest reserved for replanting.

A gentle roast and conch exposes an extraordinary and complex chocolate containing a full scale of delicate tasting notes. Very round with a freakishly long finish. Quiet and mighty, one bite of this bar will transport you.

Origin: S
outh of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

Notes: Cream, cashews, figs, grass, strawberries, coconut, honey, orange marmalade

International Chocolate Awards: 

2015 World Gold
2015 World Gold (directly-traded)
2015 World Gold (chocolatemaker)
2016 Americas/Asia Gold
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (best in competition)
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (directly-traded)
2016 Americas/Asia Gold (chocolatemaker)
2016 World Silver
2017 Americas/Asia Silver
2017 World Bronze

Academy of Chocolate: 

2018- Silver
2017- Silver

Ingredients: Organic cacao nibs, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

Net weight: 2.2oz / 65g

Made in Toronto, Canada!

Customer Reviews

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Intense, creamy and a very unique bar that I enjoyed very much- highly recommended.