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Only Child Rose-Colored Sunglasses White Chocolate with Cranberry, Rose and Pistachio

A base of undeoderized white chocolate, which retains the original flavor of the cocoa butter, is blended with cranberries, rose petals and chunks of roasted pistachios. The combination of flavors is bright and tart, juicy and fresh, with savory undertones.

Ingredients: 31% white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, vanilla), freeze-dried cranberries, pistachios, rose petals, rose essential oil

May contain traces of nuts, soy, and dairy

Made in Portland, Oregon

A Note from Only Child Chocolate

Yana, an only child, grew up in Moscow. As a tiny tot, she enjoyed tiny squares of bitter chocolate that sweetened the cold of Russian winters. Upon moving to Chicago in the summer of 1997, she discovered the joys of chocolate milk and peanut M&M’s, thus cementing her love for both the sophisticated flavor of dark chocolate and the exuberant cheerfulness of candy. While majoring in Literature at the University of Illinois C-U, Yana spent most mornings moonlighting as a cupcake decorator. After graduating, she abandoned Chaucer for chocolate and moved to Portland, OR to attend culinary school. During long days as pastry chef for Crema Bakery in SE Portland, she dreamt of a chocolate company. The offspring of Yana’s love for puns and unexpected flavors, Only Child Chocolate Co. seizes your hand and takes you on a joyful adventure in taste.

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Only Child Rose colored white chocolate sunglasses!
Unique chocolate - local product
Delicious and Lovely!
Unique and delicious!