Valentine's Day Box - Send a personalized gift straight to their door!

Size: Bountiful

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*Please order by 2/7 to ensure your gift arrives for Valentine's Day*

*Local Pickup Available*

The Meadow's Valentine's Day Gift Box...  

There's a knock at your door. You put down your glass of wine and slip on your fluffy slippers and walk to the window but there's nobody in sight. You open the door and there, on your stoop, is a parcel wrapped in rough packing paper and sealed securely with strong twine.

What? From whence did this come? In what century did it originate? Was it some phantom postal carrier who dismounted his steed and traversed the creek and wended his way up the butterfly flickering path to your cottage to deliver this wonder?  

This is The Meadow's Valentine's Day Gift Box.

But not just any gift box. Our Valentine's Day mystery box is filled to the brim with love - an abundance of chocolates, salts, bitters, and cocktail fixings for those you hold most dear (plus cute and delicious chocolate hearts!). Send them a mystery box of love - it's beautiful, wondrous, delicious and guaranteed to bring joy.   

The Valentine's Mystery Box works just like when you visit us in person.  Tell us a little about the lucky recipient. We'll do the rest.  

In the "Notes" section at checkout: Please share a little bit about the recipient, their interests, their likes and dislikes, so we can curate the perfect Mystery Box for you. Please note any dietary restrictions or preferences as well.

Who needs a Valentine's Day Box:

  • Your true love
  • Mom
  • Kids
  • Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins
  • Dads
  • Your gram & papa
  • Your kids teachers
  • Your neighbors
  • Your teammates, colleagues, bosses
  • You!

Will include:

  • Kooky fun
  • Good times
  • Salt, chocolate, bitters, and various sundries you've never heard of, seen or tasted

May include:

  • A mix of up to 7 chocolates, caramels, salts, bitters, drinking chocolate, or snacks (Bountiful)
  • A mix of up to 14 chocolates, caramels, salts, bitters, drinking chocolate, or snacks (Extra Bountiful)

Please order by 2/7 to send your gift for Valentine's Day delivery and 2/11 for Local Portland pick up. All Gift Boxes ship for free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Alissa Barron Stranzl
"Designed for Us!"

I sent this mystery box to my out-of-state parents for Valentine's Day, and the selection and presentation was lovely! I mentioned a few things that they like when I ordered, and my mom said they could tell the "array of festive deliciousness" was "designed for us." I'd definitely order again.

Tonya Jones
Fun surprise

I loved having you choose so the both of us had a surprise. The chocolate was amazing and the packing was fine. I was expecting some bitters in the box, but maybe I missed the details on the box I ordered.

kate marlay
Best gift box ever!

It was a real treat to get a gift that is thoughtfully selected and every item is first rate! A++

Alan Brickley
Pleasant surprise

Enjoyed the mystery box - filled with quality products

Debbie Petricek
Valentine’s Wedding Anniversary Mystery Box

The loving couple were ecstatic with their delicious treats.