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A recent letter

I ordered a mystery box to share with my partner on our recent kinda vacation... I love how it was wrapped simply with brown paper and tied with twine...


Garden Party Mystery Box - Send bounty straight to their door!

*Ships for Free!*

The Meadow's first ever Garden "Party" Mystery Box...   

A spring unlike any other. Soon we will get to open our arms and embrace our mamas. In the meantime, send a Garden Party mystery box for them to explore and enjoy as the spring season unfolds.

What's in the box? For starters, the fixings for our famous pasta salad enhanced with our favorite flavored olive oil, aged vinegar, a sprinkle of our herbaceous Herbes de Northwest salt - all that's left is to pad out to the garden in your slippers and snip some springy herbs or veggies sprouting up from the garden. No garden party is complete without a cocktail (or mocktail, you tell us!) so we've included the makings for our signature fresh, floral, and juicy springtime cocktail. And of course, something (in this case, a lot of things) sweet to end the meal, like chocolate bars, caramels, even pistachio or chocolate hazelnut spread to devour by the spoonful. Enjoy!

In the "Notes" section at checkout: Please share a little bit about the recipient, their interests, and the most memorable moment you've shared together, so we can curate the perfect Garden Party Box. Please note any dietary restrictions or preferences as well. Each box will be tailored to the preferences noted at checkout. Please provide us as much detail as possible about the recipient! Below is an example of what they will receive.

Garden Party Box may include:

Fixings for The Meadow's Pasta Salad

  • The Meadow's Casareccia or Fusilloni Pasta from Italy
  • The Meadow's White or Aged Balsamic Vinegar
  • Garlic or Lemon Flavored Olive Oil from Italy
  • Bitterman's Herbes de Northwest  or Rosemary Flake Salt
  • Recipe card

Fixings for The Meadow's Spring in the Garden Cocktail

  • Cocktail bitters
  • Hibiscus water
  • Recipe card

After Lunch or Dinner Sweets

  • 3-4 assorted full size chocolate bars
  • Hazelnut or Pistachio Spread!
  • Filled mini chocolate bar
  • How to Taste Chocolate & Tasting Notes Scorecard
  • May include handmade candlesticks by Mo & Co.!

    Customer Reviews

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    Lovely gift

    I sent two Garden Boxes to people who had helped my husband and I. Both were appreciated and enjoyed. I knocked off a star because The Meadow's website is just not working properly. I've had issues with every gift order I've placed. They need to hire a web developer who has enough experience to really get in there and fix things... the person who did the current site did not do what they should have. It doesn't work properly. I've had it switch my name on my account to someone I sent a gift to and that hasn't been corrected despite my asking. It consistently switches out my default home address for an address I sent a gift to. It switched one gift address for another during the purchase process and I had to contact The Meadow to correct that before the item shipped. So I love their products, I think they're really neat and unique. I would order more, but the difficulties I've had ordering gifts is driving me off. So I am going to keep my fingers crossed they fix things.

    Hiya Erin,

    While I am happy to hear the Garden Party boxes were a hit, I'm sorry that our website was being difficult for you. We are always working out the kinks on our website and really appreciate any feedback on it so we can make our Meadow online experience as seamless as possible :)

    P.S. You may not have to keep your fingers crossed for too long as we are in the process of having someone fix this issue ASAP!