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Dick Taylor Chocolate Coated Almonds

As the world faces a global pandemic, many businesses have seen their usual supply chains struggle to maintain consistent delivery of staple products. Our Chocolate Coated Almonds have run into this very problem. Without availability of our trademark black tubes, we have found ourselves looking to temporary alternatives. We would rather maintain the availability of our products in times like these, than be out of stock until we can re-establish our supply. So, with that we give you our "Limited Pandemic Edition" of our Chocolate Coated Almonds. Same product in different (temporary) packaging. 

Former wooden boat and furniture makers Dustin Taylor and Adam Dick founded Dick Taylor in Eureka, California, in 2010. This bean to bar chocolate company is operated by a very essential staff, and every step in their crafting process is entirely hand made.

Ingredients: Almonds, cacao, cane sugar, cocoa butter. All ingredients are organic.

Net weight: 6oz / 171g

Made in Eureka, California!

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