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Bitterman's Grinding Salt

Fill your grinder with course, mineral-rich sea salt from fresh seawater off the coast of New Zealand. This pantry staple is the ideal grinding salt for everyday cooking. 

Fill your salt mill and grind this over everything from sauteed vegetables to lean, gamey meats. If you're feeling bold, leave this salt whole and sprinkle over the bold and powerful foods, think tomahawk steak over a firepit in the heat of the summer with herbaceous roasted potatoes and a rich hunters sauce. 

Ingredients: Sea salt

1.125lbs (510g) = 510 servings

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Larry Tidball
Great salt as always

Great salt as always

Cindy Bentley

Bitterman's Grinding Salt

Pauline S
Love this salt!

In the past any other salt I put in my grinder has just clumped up and was too wet. This grinding salt is the best.

Great salt

Great salt for the grinder. This is already our second online refill during the home-cooking-heavy days of covid. Missing being able to pop in at the Hudson St location and browse their assortment in person, but glad we can support these guys and stay in good seasoning online.

Great every day grinder salt

I have several different salts from The Meadow. I was thrilled to find this salt specially recommended for my salt grinder! I use this salt everyday while cooking. It’s subtle and flavorful.