Our Recipes — Salmon


Baked Avocado with Eggs, Salmon and Black Diamond Flake Salt 0

A trifecta of flavor: creamy baked eggs, buttery rich avocado and savory salty lox, finished with one of our most popular salts, the Black Diamond Flake Salt.





Salmon Cakes with Capers, Cayenne, and Lemon Flake Sea Salt 0

Another recipe from Farah Raqib. An easy and delicious dish for any meal, finished with one of our most popular salts, the Lemon Flake Sea Salt.





Salt Block Cured Gravlax 0

A recipe of Mark Bitterman's take on Gravlax from his book, Salt Block Cooking.







Pan-Fried Sesame Salmon with Iburi-Jio Cherry Smoked Salt 0

A salmon caught high in the freshwater streams of the mountains bears within its pink flesh the flavors of faraway places in the Pacific Ocean, a rosy imprint of the long voyage back to its birthplace. These fish see a lot of things below the ocean depths. And then they eat them. Salmon deserve a suitably thoughtful and voracious treatment in the kitchen.