Our Recipes — eggs


Baked Avocado with Eggs, Salmon and Black Diamond Flake Salt 0

A trifecta of flavor: creamy baked eggs, buttery rich avocado and savory salty lox, finished with one of our most popular salts, the Black Diamond Flake Salt.





Summer Vegetable Frittata with Haleakala Ruby Red Hawaiian Sea Salt 0

Celebrate summer's everlasting bounty with this fresh vegetable frittata, which is sprinkled with Haleakala Ruby Red Hawaiian Sea Salt right before serving.





Deviled Eggs with Red Pepper and Black Diamond Sea Salt 0

Our friend at the flower market who grows the calla lilies for our shop in Portland also has 40 chickens. Every year over the winter, as the pluvial Pacific Northwest endures its onslaught of alternating grey darkness and dark greyness, the birds more or less give up egg laying altogether. Stubborn about our eggs, we more or less give them up too, and the resulting drought of omelets, frittatas, aiolis, caesar salads, mayonnaises, pound cakes, and pisco sours is one of the greatest hardships of winter.

Soft Scrambled Eggs with Truffle Salt 0

Try to remember the first time you heard about the combination of truffles and eggs. I was on an airplane, flying out for a week-long visit with my nana. Ice melted slowly into the puddle of O.J. remaining in the clear plastic cup. My legs dangled from the chair, toes still inches from the floor, making me feel uncomfortable next to the impeccably dressed woman sitting next to me, who inexplicably took me on as a close confident, lavishing me with stories of shopping expeditions through the souqs of Cairo...