Introducing... our new spices!

by Mark Bitterman

Welcome to The Meadow’s world of spices! 

Why spices? Behind every spice is a story. Within every story is a meaning. Locked up in every meaning is a sliver of intimacy between you and the surrounding world.  When we understand spice this way, as connection, we cook food more lovingly, share more deeply, and enjoy flavor more lustily. 

The hallmark of The Meadow’s new and growing family of spices is our fixation on connection. We source spices that don’t just taste spectacularly good, they are meaningful to us.  Every spice is a story, a tapestry woven of personal relationships, environmental stewardship, exotic adventure, and the joy of fragrances filling the home as we pulverize fresh ingredients with our own hands. 

Wow, who knew that I would take that last sentence down a path that ended with "pulverizing.”  Me, I guess!  We start with the end in mind.  What do you want to bring into your home, grind in a heavy mortar and pestle, incorporate into your meal, and enjoy with people you love? 

We love organic herbs and spices, not just because pesticides are a plague (a recent study of black pepper, basil, oregano, nutmeg, paprika, and thyme found the presence of 11 mycotoxins, 134 pesticides, and 4 heavy metals1). 

We support the small growers, independent importers, and small businesses that think, work, and live to bring integrity and belonging to our economies and communities (spice and seasons is expected to reach $22.87 Billion by 2026, yet prices are unregulated, dictated instead by an increasingly consolidated handful of global powerhouses.2)

We defend the belief that only when people, planet, and profit are considered together can we see increased economic equity (in Vietnam, for example, sustainable cinnamon, turmeric, star anise, black pepper and cardamom trade has helped farmers realize a 14.5% increase in annual income2).

For many years now we’ve scoured the earth and the sea in search of craft salts that bring flavor and beauty to your food and a deeper connection to food, people, and nature to your table.  Along the way, we’ve met our share spice growers and merchants.  While I’ve always brought these discoveries into my own home, I’ve only shared them with you, my dear customers, on rare occasions.  Well, it’s high time we did!


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