Sprinkle the love...

by Mark Bitterman

Sprinkle the love with Grenadine Sea Salt

Our first ever Partner Adventure with Grenadine Sea Salt!

The bonds that make up salt are a wonder. Free floating in the great oceans, untold trillions of ions, each charged with its own individual energy. The extra electron in every anion is a burning invitation to some oppositely charged cation to come hither, yet drifting around out there in the watery vastness, each is oblivious to the invitation of the other. The sun’s evaporation of the sea water from an open salt pan changes all that. Attractions quicken, become irresistible, and in a vanishing moment, spontaneously bond to form crystals of purest salt.

Salt brings out flavors, harmonizes them, and shows food in its true light. In this way, it reveals to us the true nature of the world around us. And through every meal thus animated, salt connects more energetically to one another. At an atomic level, at an animal level, at a human level, salt is about living connections. In this saline spirit we’re celebrating our connection with Grenadine Sea Salt with a special invitation to discover their gregarious and happiness-filled salt.

And in the self-same spirit of salubrious community we are celebrating Grenadine Sea Salt's own connections, sharing 50% of every sale with Soul Fire Farm, a community farm committed to uprooting racism and seeding sovereignty in the food system.

And so, wow! How like little ions in the great oceans are we all! Flitting through each of our everyday lives, yet intimately interconnected with the world around us. Waiting for a moment of spontaneous and irresistible excitement to bond us all together more closely. The Grenadine Islands in the cobalt Caribbean sea. Green-waving fields of upstate New York. A little shop in Portland, Oregon. And all of us touched by one another.

The Salt

From the pristine waters around Bequia in the Grenadine Islands

Crispy crystals diverse as zooplankton. The flavor is the whiff of juicy saltiness you taste when a wave crashes over you. Thinking about it another way: if a family of pop rocks were throwing a bounce-house party salt on its popcorn, this would be the salt.

Sprinkle this salt with wild abandon on prawn kebabs dipped in butter. Crispy fried plantains. Curried chicken salad. Salad of papaya, mint, lime. Very few cocktails out there would hold it against you if you used Grenadine "Wild" sea salt on them!

The Story

Grenadine Sea Salt is formed and harvested from the ocean waters of Bequia, a small island in the Grenadine chain off of the coast of Venezuela. Stepping off the plane, smells of nutmeg, cinnamon, mango, coconut and coffee will fill your nose--all things farmed locally around the islands. Buried within the lush jungle you will find a small salt farm, run out of a restored 18th century mill previously used for producing sugar, indigo, arrowroot, and cassava.

Grenadine Sea Salt was founded by Jerry Simpson. Like so many modern comers to the ancient trades, Jerry is a renaissance man--chef, film director, inventor, and artist. After falling in love with the island and culture of Bequia he moved there full time to fully commit himself to the creation of unique and sustainable salt blends.

Rather than opting for industrial evaporation methods used by the large-scale operations, Grenadine Salt is made similarly to how it organically arises in nature: salt crystals are formed by allowing the sun to naturally evaporate sea water that’s poured into their handmade, wooden stills. This leaves behind many healthy minerals which are typically lost from industrial methods of mass producing salt as well as ensuring a more nuanced flavor suitable for culinary masterpieces.

In the Grenadine Islands

Committed to embracing and preserving the island's culture and the lush nature of the island, Grenadine Sea Salt farms exclusively with sustainable methods. The farm also provides the fresh drinking water made through this process to the surrounding community as it is sometimes in short supply on the island. The salt farm, and one other fishery, are the only places offering year round employment on the island.

Grenadine's Elizabeth Watt says, “Our intention has been to build a team of people who are truly invested in the work we’re doing here and bring positive energy to the workplace, as well as generate excitement throughout the local community for what we're creating here. Our company tagline is #Sprinklethelove, and that is truly our mission, every day, through training, mentoring, encouraging and expanding our team's horizons.”

In addition to sharing our own vision for a more connected and human global market, much like us, Grenadine Sea Salt wants to make every kitchen a place of experimentation, fun, and flavor through salt!

Supporting Soul Fire Farm

50% of sales of Grenadine salt jars go directly to Soul Fire Farm

Together with you, Grenadine Sea Salt, and Bitterman Salt Co., we are donating 50% of the sales of each Grenadine jar to Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York. Soul Fire Farm is a community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. In Grafton, New York, they raise and distribute food as a means to end food entrenched inequities in the food system and reclaim the fundamental human right to belong to the earth and to have agency in the food system. The BIPOC-centered organization (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) brings diverse communities together to share skills on sustainable agriculture, natural building, spiritual activism, health, and environmental justice. They are also training the next generation of activist-farmers and strengthening the movements for food sovereignty and community self-determination.

Grenadine Salt Stills

Grenadine Salt Hand

Grenadine Islands

    Bequia, Grenadine Islands


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