See you later, New York

by Mark Bitterman
Dear You,

“The Meadow” lettering above is made with 24k lemon and orange gold leaf. The flowers are copper. We scoured Amish country to reclaim old barn timbers of hemlock and yellow pine cut 200 years ago from a primeval forest. I toiled for four months to reveal, repair, and enhance the character of a tiny shop in a landmark building.

We’ve given our employees healthcare, 401k, vacation, a place to be real. We’ve donated tens of thousands to our community. The dream was to serve a neighborhood for generations. So tearing down this labor of love is painful. Saying farewells to the hundreds of you who have stopped by in the last days is sad. And yet, I can’t even begin to express how much joy this shop has brought me, my family, and our employees for over 10 years!

This may sound absurd to you in an age of mega-corporations that view vendors as resources to be exploited, customers as data to be optimized, and profit as lucre to be siphoned out of neighborhoods and into hedge funds--but believe this if you take anything away from our years together:  We love you, truly.  We are forever grateful.

You can continue to patronize us here at, stay in touch @atthemeadow, or when it makes sense, come visit us in Portland or Tokyo!

Mark Bitterman

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