AT HOME Blog - Portland Monthly: May 2011

by Cesar Delgadillo

I have quite a significant selection of salts in my kitchen pantry. A chunk of pink Himalyan for grating. A big bag of grey sea salt for texture. A bulk white California sea salt for salting water, cooking, and pickling (I don’t use kosher or any adulterated salts). A big tub of fleur de sel that my friend’s French mother always brings me on her visits. A box of Maldon Celtic salt flakes that add a wonderful crunch. And, a black Hawaiian salt that I sprinkle over light colored foods for a dramatic effect. I thought I was overdoing it until I checked out the selection at The Meadow. Of course, I began to get yet another salt craving. I might need that Djibouti Boule from Lake Assal in Africa, with crystals that range from tiny to the size of a softball. And, the Aburi sea salt smoked over cherry wood might be the perfect touch over pan-roasted cod.


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