: November 2011

by Cesar Delgadillo

Salty advice and a recipe for Chevre with Cyprus Black Flake Sea Salt and Cacao Nibs

Salting as a deliberate act.

 Sounds a bit intense. And for Mark Bitterman, it is. It's a call to action, a plan to banish bland food. "Think about salting as a deliberate act," says Bitterman, author of "Salted" (Ten Speed Press, 2010), a 312-page devotional to salt. "This isn't about being a fancy chef. It's about how to make every single food you eat in your daily life come alive." Because truth is, salt has a powerful effect on food. And just a little bit goes a long way. Here's Bitterman's tips to help you sort through the maze of salts that crowd the market. Salts vary in moisture, mineral content and the size and structure of their crystals, Bitterman says. Moisture dictates "mouth feel," while mineral content will play up or tone down a food's intrinsic qualities, such as fruitiness. Crystal size creates different sensations on the tongue. 

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