: November 2010

by Cesar Delgadillo

His obsession first led to The Meadow, a Portland, Oregon, boutique that specializes in rare salts as well as specialty chocolates, small-batch cocktail bitters and fresh flower arrangements.

Now He's brought His wares to the West Village in a shop that just opened on Hudson Street. Hand-labeled apothecary jars, each filled with salt, line the shelves of the long space. And each tells a story: There are gumball-shaped boules from Djibuti, stark-white nuggets harvested from Icelandic hot springs, bright pink Maboroshi Plum salt from Japan and Burgundy rock salt infused with Oregon Pinot Noir.

Himalayan salt blocks and bowls--which you can heat and cook directly on--are stacked vertically alongside handmade silver salt cellars and copies of Mark Bitterman's excellent new book, Salted, which chronicles the history and science of the mineral and includes recipes.

Other shelves showcase a chocolate collection highlighted by cult makers like Claudio Corallo, a curated selection of bitters and displays of seasonal flowers.

The Meadow will also host salt and chocolate tastings, plus cocktail and cooking classes; click here for a sampling of offerings.

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Salt Sellar: Mark Bitterman has scoured the globe for infinite renditions of his favorite ionic compound: salt.

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