Scorpion Salt

Title: Taster - Cork Top Jar

Sea salt infused with spicy, smoky Moruga Scorpion powder from Trinidad, the hottest chile pepper in the world! Perfect for mixing into BBQ rubs and curries, or sprinkling on top of popcorn, grilled steak, and scrambled eggs.

Mark Bitterman's secret recipe infuses hand-harvested fleur de sel from Guatemala with scorpion powder, one of the world's hottest chile peppers!

    Ingredients: Sea salt, Moruga scorpion pepper, smoked paprika (for color)

    Made in Portland, Oregon!

    Customer Reviews

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    Jack Fleming

    don't have it yet

    Melanie Pelyhes
    Amazing and Addicting!

    I was gifted scorpion salt a number of years ago and was quickly hooked. The heat is intense (so start with a few grains!) but the flavor is WOW! I use it on a wide variety of foods for that extra kick and most taste bland now without it; I carry some with me to perk up foods when I'm eating out! If you like spicy you won't be disappointed!!

    K S

    I consistently use this to give low-spice dishes a lot more kick, tastes great too!

    Sharon Hart

    A little goes a long way! Love it

    bridget gregory
    Scorpion salt

    It is simply amazing. I will always purchase it. For the time it’s replacing my favorite Japanese salt. I hope you will be able to offer it once again. In the meantime, I am an ardent scorpion salt fan. Thank you!