Bitterman's Sel Gris Gros Sel French Gray Sea Salt

Title: Small Jar

Bitterman's Sel Gris is a classic French gros sel (coarse salt) and makes an tremendous replacement for all coarse industrial kosher and sea salts (unless you're using it in a grinder - in that case, check out Bitterman's Grinding Salt). The culmination of two millennia of salt making experience on the exquisitely pristine coastal waters Île de Noirmoutier, this gros sel gris is truly historic. Produced in porcelain clay salt pans by paludiers who work barefoot, this salt is expertly harvested to ensure the gros sel crystals don't get too large or hard. Every crystal harbors bold mineral flavor and a silvery color imparted from the porcelain grey clay that forms the bed of the salt pan. 

Used mostly for all-around cooking and finishing hearty foods, this salt has coarse, moist crystals with impeccable balance and surprising suppleness given their heft.

    Ingredients: Sea salt

    From France!

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    Pamela Bristol

    I love The Meadow salt and am grateful I can now refill my beautiful jars

    Debra Porterfield

    Bitterman's Sel Gris Gros Sel French Gray Sea Salt

    John Carrafa

    Bitterman's Sel Gris Gros Sel French Gray Sea Salt

    Ashley Gonzalez
    Great for Gift or Oneself

    My father loves cooking with these salts. I sent him some as a birthday gift and was so touched with the care they took in personally handwriting the note I typed in on the order. It was so beautiful my dad even sent me a picture! They take a lot of care in their products and it shows.

    Craig Savage

    well done