We're Hiring!

We're Hiring: e-Commerce Manager

Folks, friends, neighbors! We're hiring for one of the coolest positions we've ever hired for, based in Portland, Oregon. This time, instead of working with customers one-on-one in our shops, it's helping us create real, fun, growing relationships with customers who are right in their homes, online. If you know a great e-Commerce manager, please share the news!

The Meadow is bringing flavor to life, one table at a time. We see beautiful craft salts, handmade artisan chocolate, and small batch cocktail bitters as the quickest and truest connection to the foods and flavors and people of the world. And as much as we all love it, it's about more than just the salt -- chocolate -- bitters -- flowers. With every product we sell we bring meaningful connection, and authentic and supreme quality to the tables of thousands of people. If you crave a cause that can truly reshape our food culture, we have a place for you!

As our e-Commerce Manager, you will be responsible for maintaining and growing all aspects of our digital platform. This is a ground-floor opportunity for a creative, curious, ambitious go-getter who thrills at the challenge of taking our successful small company to the next level. You’ll report to our Director of Retail Operations and work closely with people like our founder, customer service team, and order fulfilment folks. Work includes managing our Shopify website, online content, navigation, product pages, campaigns, cool special places such as landing pages, and various customer communications. You’ll move fast, learn, and innovate in pursuit of objectives for website traffic, conversion rates, product reviews, newsletter signups, and other metrics showing that our visitors are having a hoot with us in the digital space.

Hello, is that you we're looking for?

● You're a doer - you don't talk about doing things, you do them
● You're a risk taker - you ask forgiveness, not permission
● You moonlight as an entrepreneur - you treat each job as if the business was your own
● You have a full-fledged passion for all things food: eating, drinking, cooking, tasting, sharing
● You have an obsession with customer satisfaction
● You have an unmatched aesthetic prowess -- you'll keep our webshop the way you keep your house (neat, tidy, beautiful)
● You have a superior work ethic and can-do attitude
● You have superb written communication skills
● You have the ability to work independently for hours on end, with little direction

Roles & Responsibilities:

● Assist in developing a strategy to take our ecommerce to the next level
● Understand and share our brand story
● Create and maintain wonderful, engaging shopping experiences, including home page, product pages, navigation, landing pages, and campaigns
● Drive marketing initiatives such as promotions, banners, content marketing, intriguing updates, catchy flash sales, etc.
● Drive direct communication initiatives like email marketing and social media
● Ensure correct configuration of automated notifications, shipping exclusions, item-level shipping costs, automated discounts, etc.
● Investigate, propose, configure, test, and implement theme updates and 3rd party vendor functionalities
● Strengthen our SEO, analytics capabilities, and customer understanding
● Show with quantifiable and non-quantifiable metrics what your work is achieving
● Watch and act on industry trends, both within our category and beyond

Your qualities:

● Fun, curious, creative, unafraid to try stuff, unafraid to be you
● Extremely self-directed, brimming with initiative, super independent and yet, communicative and collaborative
● Have a strong, unshakable sense of ownership of your work
● Favor action over talk, and own your shit
● Thrive in a diverse and inclusive workplace and of course, judging by this posting, a love of bullet points!

Your abilities:

● Solid command of Shopify platform and third-party integrations (non-negotiable!)
● Aptitude for learning new software and understanding new technologies
● Knack for breaking down large objectives to forge a detailed work plan
● Ability to prioritize tasks and manage several projects simultaneously
● Basic knowledge of HTML (liquid a plus!), CSS, spreadsheets, Photoshop/Illustrator


● BA/BS degree or equivalent experience in the field of ecommerce strongly preferred

Brass Tacks:

● Compensation: DOE
● Contractor through May 2021, made permanent hire if it's a great mutual fit
● Permanent role comes as Full-Time, Permanent position with benefits
● Benefits include Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, 401k with employer match, Flexible Hours, Flexible Work Place, Occasional Trips Abroad, loads of fun perks to keep you supplied with world class deliciousness for your kitchen and home bar

Our Mantra:

● Make everyone's day brighter
● Be known for caring about people
● Join expertise with passion
● Take care of each other
● Equate company profitability with cultural impact

About Us:

The Meadow draws inspiration from the here and now, from the physical connections between wondering people and wonderable places. We've been in business since 2006, opening our first little retail shop on N. Mississippi Ave. In 2010 we opened a second shop in New York City. In 2013 we opened a third shop, and the next year we started Bitterman Salt Co. and began sharing the story of craft salt nationwide.

Sure, we tend shops that are almost mythically beautiful. Sure, we stock shelves that just might topple under the weight of stupendously rad products—salt, chocolate, bitters, flowers. Yes, our people are loving, inclusive, inquisitive, and generally a bit weird. But all of that is simply a path toward a deeper mission, a quest to stir feelings of being in on it together, with our customers, on this crazy ride called life. Our highest ideal is belonging, our most fundamental business metric is happiness, our key-est of KPIs is a love letter from a new customer. Our digital dream is to create and enjoy online of the sort of authentic relationships normally reserved for campfire weenie roasts and skinny dipping. Your job as eCommerce manager is to help us create a more connected world, one visitor at a time.

Our Vision:

To create and support a community that finds purpose and prosperity among its diverse small businesses, artisan makers, and local growers that make the cities and towns the places you love, all over the world.

Your Homework:

If you made it this far and are hungry to learn more, we'd love to hear from you. Please include answers to these five questions along with your resume cover letter. 

1. What is your favorite retail shop in Portland, and why?
2. What is your favorite online shop, and why?
3. Why should we care about where our food comes from?
4. What qualities do you admire in others and why? What qualities do you detest in others and why?
5. Why do you think you're the right fit for this position?

Please send your info to kaitlin at themeadow dot com. Applications without a resume and cover letter responding to these five questions will not be reviewed. 
Date Posted: March 1, 2021