Salad Salt Set

A sprinkle of spring for your vegetables & fruits!

Greens love salt. So does every other fruit and vegetable. The fresher and more elemental the food, the more powerful and complex the flavor gained by salting.

This set includes three small jars of salt:

    Black Lava Salt - Hand harvested fleur de sel is carefully infused with detoxifying activated charcoal. Use wherever big bold vision impact is desired. Sprinkle on top of avocado toast with tahini and lime, braised lentils, or grilled corn on the cob slathered in chili butter.

    Icelandic Flake -This is perhaps the world's only salt produced using only geothermal power, evaporating the crystals using the heat from natural geysers. All electricity used at the facility come from a nearby geothermal power-plant.

    Molokai Red Coarse -This salt has been used historically for ceremonial purposes such as blessing and purifying sea-going canoes, but it also works wonders on seafood, pork, and fruit salads, and can be ground to produce a glinting blend of white and red color.

    Net weight by volume:

    • Included 3 Small Jars: 2oz each

    Please note: Black Salts pictured (Black Lava or Black Diamond Salt) are subject to change due to seasonal availability. We will always give you the best possible black salt we can!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Charlie Gillihan
    My favorite salts!

    Mother-in-law bought us the 6-pack of mini salts to try, and I was excited to find that our three favorite salts came in this package! They are visually stunning and delicious – highly recommend!

    Martha Dragovich
    Great salts

    All three of these salts are wonderful and add so much to vegetables, salads and especially tomatoes!

    Janet Jackson
    Perfect gift

    They loved it

    Sara Gray

    The salt and service at The Meadow are always excellent!

    Nathan Bogosian

    Great in store service