Popcorn Party Salt 6-Pack

Popcorn Party Salt 6-Pack

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Butter's six best friends!

Looking for something to do Friday nights? Take a one-way trip to the best popcorn you've ever made with these six salts. Sprinkle any (or all at once?!) of these onto your freshly made popcorn and you're in for a sensational flavor experience. Butter mandatory.  

This set includes six cork top 1.2oz by volume jars of salt:

Bitterman's Buttery Popcorn Salt - Seriously, what's better than butter and salt on popcorn? A few things, actually. First off, more butter, and good salt. With that foundation build from there, with the tang of locally made green onion powder, the umami umph of nutritional yeast, and just a hint of international spices to take the senses on a one way trip to the best popcorn you've ever made.

Bitterman's Roasted Garlic Salt - Sun-evaporated fleur de sel is harvested by hand and then craftily infused with pure organic garlic. Sprinkle on popcorn to experience simplicity at its finest.

Kala Namak - Kala Namak, or Indian Black Salt (also called Nirav Black Salt or Sanchal), is a special unrefined mineral salt from Darjeeling, India. It is a volcanic rock salt mined in central India. The ground salt is not black, but more of a coral pink or pinkish gray, and has a strong, sulfuric flavor... quite suitable for sprinkling on popcorn! The trick with Kala Namak and popcorn is to use more salt than usual. The powdery salt will absorb into the popcorn and coat evenly, resulting in a deeply rich, umami flavored popcorn. You can try adding powdered kelp or mushroom, too, for a truly umami popcorn experience.

Himalayan Pink Salt - Himalayan Pink Salt is a pure, hand-mined salt found deep inside the pristine foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This 250 million year old, Jurassic era pink sea salt is known for its healing properties and is used by health professionals, spas and individuals who are interested in utilizing natural products to heal the body and relax the mind. For us? Well, we think it makes a classic, old fashioned batch of stovetop popcorn!

Bitterman's Smoked Cheddar Salt - White and yellow cheddar cheeses cold-smoked with mesquite wood, then tossed with crunchy crystals of fleur de sel. A mercilessly addicting topping for other-worldly popcorn. Use lots of butter!

Bitterman's Sriracha Salt - Oops, we expertly spilled everyone's favorite Thai chili sauce into a blend of silky sweet sea salt and spicy pink rock salt. The best all natural all purpose seasoning salt. Use with gusto on popcorn! Or try mixing a little brown sugar and sriracha salt together for a one-two salty sweet punch.

Net weight by volume:

  • Includes 6 Cork Top Jars Jars: 1.2oz each
  • Made in Portland, Oregon!

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Xmas gift
I am that person

I’m sure it great. The was a preorder Christmas present to my Aunt.

Love the popcorn salt!

Everything I have ever ordered from the Meadow has been fantastic! We are obsessed with popcorn, and love all of the salts. We were pleasantly surprised with the unique flavor combinations. Will definitely be ordering again from the Meadow for any specialty salts.

LA Family
Popcorn to Brighten our Days

Makes popcorn a luxurious treat.

Loriana Hatch
Delicious popcorn salt set

Perfect for every movie! Makes the best homemade popcorn.

Great popcorn lover present!

This collection elevates popcorn to a gourmet level! Will truly be appreciated by the recipient!