$ 60.00

Travel the world's most sought-after flavors!

This set presents a triumvirate of salts infused with flavors that are not just delicious; they are foundations upon which entire meals can be made. Our three most exotic sea salts exemplify the extraordinary power of salt to capture both the complexity and intensity of aromas and flavors. Bon voyage!

This set includes three small jars of salt:

    Saffron Salt - Sea salt blended with aromatic saffron threads. Try it on fish, rice, sauces, and (a favorite secret), Bloody Marys!

    Black Truffle Salt - This is the most cost-effective way to keep truffles in your diet! This sea salt brings the heady richness of fresh black summer truffles to anything your heart desires, from eggs in the morning to fettuccine at night.

    Bitterman's Blue Lavender - Caressing sun meets rugged beauty with sea salt infused with culinary lavender. Sprinkle boldly herbaceous lavender flakes on ice creams, pastries, salads, fish.