Japanese Salt 6-Pack

Japanese Salt 6-Pack

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Geographically and culinarily, Japan is 1,000 countries in one!

The boredom you felt as a high school student studying geography is inversely proportional to the enthusiasm you feel as an adult discovering its culinary implications. Land and sea, climate and culture—Japan is extraordinary not just for its incredible culinary sophistication but for diversity born of its unique geography. From north to south, from the snow-clad mountainscapes of Hokkaido to the north to the jungle-lined beaches of Hateruma to the south, the country spans 1,900 miles and more than 21° of latitude. The longest day in the south is almost 15 hours. The shortest day in the north is just under 9 hours. Foods are commensurately diverse, from soft serve ice cream made from fresh-squeezed Holstein in the north to stir-fries of eggs, tofu, and bitter melon in the south. Geographically and culinarily, Japan is 1,000 countries in one. The salts of Japan give testimony to this unmatched diversity.   

This set includes six cork top 1.2oz by volume jars of salt:

Hana Flake Sea Salt - Hana Flake (AKA hana no shio) is a Japanese flake salt. Each crystal of Hana flake is semi-translucent and glimmers in sunshine. One of Mark Bitterman's favorite flake salts, he says, "Hana Flake is all about the tug of texture on flavor - all about the tensile strength of something designed to explode."

It is icy-white in color, flattened out pyramid with a sharp texture. Hana Flake has a light, fresh Arctic air and balanced taste. It tastes best with snow peas, foie gras, and poached halibut.

Tsushima No Moshio - The round, rich flavors of Tsushima No Moshio are due to the presence of ample trace minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, etc.) But most striking by far is the extraordinary quality of umami, that comes from the unique techniques used in its production. (Umami is one of the five basic tastes increasingly recognized by American foodies. Umami means "savory" or "meaty," and results from glutamates especially common in protein-rich foods such as meats and cheeses.)

It’s easy to imagine making Tsushima No Moshio your default salt for all savory dishes. Trout, pike, carp, pork, rice, pasta, potatoes, sunchoke, broccoli rabe, cheeses, yogurt—finding foods that would benefit from its umami minerality basically involves drawing up a shopping list. Sweets benefit from moshio as well— try it on 70 percent dark chocolate, or dusted on a chocolate soufflé.

Ara Shio - Ara shio is a classically produced Japanese Shio salt, crystallized over fire to form exceptionally fine granular crystals. This process leaves a salt with a complex yet clean taste packed into small dry crystals without the burn sometimes accompanied by similarly-textured traditional salts.

These small crystals don't call attention to themselves like their visually striking Japanese cousins, so use them in any food where the ingredients stand front and center while a full flavored salt brings out their best flavors. Try as a finishing salt on grilled fish, pork dishes, and tempura.

    Shinkai Deep Sea Salt - Shinkai Deep Sea Salt (also called Suzu Shio and Suzushio), is a premium Noto sea salt from the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. You will be amazed by its distinctive flavor. This is a true sea salt packed with natural minerals that provide bitterness, sweetness, slight acidity and, of course, saltiness. Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is a rich and full tasting sea salt, and is one of the best from Japan.

    Like other Japanese sea salts, Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is slightly moist. It has balanced mineral components and excellent distinctive taste. Adding Shinkai Deep Sea Salt to soups, dressings, or simmered and braised dishes both in Japanese and Western preparations enhances the flavor of all prepared dishes. Shinkai Deep Sea Salt is also perfect for use as condiment for tempura, sashimi or fried and grilled fish and veggies.

    Cherry Plum Sea Salt - Cherry Plum is a pale flower, with a flavor that is similarly more in the pastels than Day-Glo. Cherry plum is based on a culinary institution in Japan, the Umeboshi (salt-preserved or dried plum). Traditionally homemade, the Umeboshi is made every year by simply packing plums in a jar with sea salt. 20% to 30% of the plum liquid will be extracted from the plum. This plum juice is referred to as plum vinegar.

    Our Cherry Plum Salt is a classic Japanese shio salt infused with this plum vinegar. This salt is essential for rice balls, rice noodles, rice candies, and rice krispie treats. Good on foods that don't contain rice as well. A touch of salt-tangy plum in whatever your tangy plum of a heart desires.

    Takesumi Bamboo Sea Salt - Icarus-like, Takesumi is hatched from bamboo segments that were packed with Japanese deep sea salt and incinerated. The result, not so much a salt as a carbonated topping that, upon contact with mouth, instantly dissolves into the sweetness of fizzled Poprocks.

    Takesumi Bamboo is an extremely versatile salt. Try it around any barbecued meat, grilled fish, sushi, stir-fried vegetables, raw oysters, tropical fruit, or venison.

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    • Includes 6 Cork Top Jars Jars: 1.2oz each
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