Only Child The Sun and the Sea Dark Chocolate with Sunflower Seeds and Sea Salt

Only Child The Sun and the Sea Dark Chocolate with Sunflower Seeds and Sea Salt

Only Child The Sun and the Sea Dark Chocolate with Sunflower Seeds and Sea Salt

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A deep fruity dark chocolate is combined with sea salt and roasted sunflower seeds. The bar that is more reminiscent of brittle than a chocolate bar, owing to the fact that the bar is primarily sunflower seeds and delivers a satisfying crunch with every bite. This is another bar that was inspired by Yana's childhood in Russia, as salted roasted sunflower seeds are one of the most popular snacks and are eaten by the handful.

Ingredients: sunflower seeds, 70% Venezuelan chocolate (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla), sea salt

May contain traces of nuts, soy, and dairy

Made in Portland, Oregon

A Note from Only Child Chocolate

Yana, an only child, grew up in Moscow. As a tiny tot, she enjoyed tiny squares of bitter chocolate that sweetened the cold of Russian winters. Upon moving to Chicago in the summer of 1997, she discovered the joys of chocolate milk and peanut M&M’s, thus cementing her love for both the sophisticated flavor of dark chocolate and the exuberant cheerfulness of candy. While majoring in Literature at the University of Illinois C-U, Yana spent most mornings moonlighting as a cupcake decorator. After graduating, she abandoned Chaucer for chocolate and moved to Portland, OR to attend culinary school. During long days as pastry chef for Crema Bakery in SE Portland, she dreamt of a chocolate company. The offspring of Yana’s love for puns and unexpected flavors, Only Child Chocolate Co. seizes your hand and takes you on a joyful adventure in taste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brittany S
a little too salty

great service, I dig this shop, and the other chocolate I got from this maker is great, but this was a little too much salt. It probably had the amount of salt you'd use for a salted caramel, but since caramel is extremely sugary it balances well. Sunflower seed oil is so mild that the salt just overwhelmed flavor-wise. I'll try others from this maker, though.

Risa Kihara
The Sun and the Sea

Relative mild chocoate but i don't think i will buy again..

Mark Fee
The View From The Roosevelt Bridge, Seattle, April, 2018

Some twenty days ago a package arrived containing chocolate, and that would have been enough, but I'm home bound at the moment (a minor alpine tragedy, in several stunning acts, winding down to now to the restful comfort of my daybed and it's southeast facing window) and so I felt a smooth pulse of excitement when I read the label. "Chocolate, dark chocolate," I perhaps said out loud as I dug into the packing tape. All fell silent in my room, all but bridge, the Roosevelt bridge, technically in sight off my balcony (spring only, on tip toes, on the far right as you go out there), but it's noise is with me always, and now it's faint rumble came to the fore. We all stood still. Well, there was only me, but my kids, if they were allowed to share my chocolate treasures of this type, would have been silent too. Later I'll share kids, don't worry, I just need this moment for myself.
What? A surprise: in front of the true, deep prize (read on, dear reader), another, smaller token of esteem awaited me: a little chocolate sample, taped to a business card, and a tiny bottle of Fleur de Sel.
"Very good," I actually did say, in the manner of an English gentleman, which I'm not, but I like to take characters on, as they say. "Brilliant," I exclaimed, egging myself on, downing the espresso strewn chocolate sample and staring at the business card.
Yes, I enjoy chocolate, and I can say for certain that there is no finer chocolate experience on this or another coast than that of a dark chocolate bar with sunflower seeds and sea salt ("The Sun And The Sea," brought to you by Only Child Chocolates, Portland, OR), but I also like a surprise, one with a delicate, creative touch, simple, thoughtful, amusing.
The Meadow is like that, and this package brought all that back (the Mississippi St. shop, my mind and eye distracted by the two extremes on ready view there: a curious stack of pink sea salt blocks and a wall of chocolate bars of singular originality.
I'm ha...