The Meadow Salt Set

Size: Small - Sampler-Size Tins

After over a decade of exploring salts from all over the world and the communities who make them, we have poured our hearts into creating a set that represents the most wondrous reaches of function and beauty for this powerful ingredient. A must have for the chef and foodie in us all!

Six finishing and cooking salts for the culinary enthusiast!

The Meadow Salt Set includes 3 salts for everyday cooking and seasoning and 3 salts for sparkle and pizzazz.

Fleur de Sel de Guérande - Delicate fleur de sel for grilled meats, veggies, bread & butter.

Piran Sel Gris - Moist, mineral rich sel gris for veal, pork, roasts, pasta water.

Icelandic Lava - Charcoal colored shards for grilled fish, lean means, rice, veggies.

Bitterman's Salumami - Our all-purpose seasoning salt for literally everything. Umami dynomite for steaks, scrambled eggs, chicken, roasted veggies, soups, stews, avocado toast.

Herbes de Northwest - Pacific Northwest bounty for fresh green salads, poached fish, roasted veggies. A crowd favorite!

Black Truffle Sea Salt - The most cost-effective way to get truffles into your diet! Heady, aromatic, rich black truffle infused sea salt for popcorn, eggs, pastas, breads, and more.

Net weight by volume:

  • Tins: 1oz each
  • Taster Cork Tops: 1.2oz each
  • Small Jars: 2oz each

Please note salts shown in photo may differ slightly depending on seasonal availability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Linda H Holsapple
Charming unique store

Lovely atmosphere. Amazing products. Unique and singular quality. I never thought of giving rare salts as a present but my nephew, a trained cook, appreciates subtleties in flavors.

Nancy E.
Excellent gift!

Gave this to my good friend who loves to grill. She has used about half of them and loves them all! Great flavors, not too strong, and enhances whatever she putting on the grill.

Garrett Person

Beautifully packed and a nice sweet treat inside! But in the warmer months, those sweet treats tend to melt in transit.
Otherwise, great product! My salt bar has been replenished!

Catherine M.
Best house warming gift!

I bought the two salt sampler sets as a house warming gift for a young couple and they loved it! Just loved it and even my daughter’s boyfriend kept raving over what a difference it makes to his favorite foods. I even got a thank you card!

Karen Grzesek
You need to get this!

WOW! This salt set is amazing! Will definitely recommend this to my friends.