Cheese Salt Set

Cheese Salt Set

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Pass the cheese, please!

Taste your way through the sharp, smoky, tangy, umami goodness of your favorite cheeses - now in sprinkle-able salt form. Shower these salts on top of popcorn, potatoes, pastas and more.

This set includes three small 2oz by volume jars of salt:

Blue Cheese Salt - Sun-evaporated sea salt from Sicily infused with Oregon's famed Rogue Creamery blue cheese and lots of coarse ground black pepper. Tangy, peppery blue cheese crystals for sprinkling on apple and walnut salad, popcorn, persimmons, fresh figs.

Parmesan Truffle Salt - Hand harvested Italian sea salt infused with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Italian summer black truffles. Use wherever big bold flavor impact is desired: popcorn, pastas, eggs, scalloped potatoes, grilled ribeye.

Smoked Cheddar Salt - White and yellow cheddar cheeses cold-smoked with mesquite wood, then tossed with crunchy crystals of fleur de sel. A mercilessly addicting topping for tuna sandwiches, popcorn, smashed potatoes, any manner of chips and dip.

Net weight by volume:

  • Includes 3 Small Jars Jars: 2oz each
  • Made in Portland, Oregon!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Peter Neame
Always good

Great service, delicious salts and the bonus chocolate is always fantastic

Cheryl Maloney
Love the Salt - Not the packing

The Meadow’s Salts are always a treat and this cheese trio exceptional.
They were shipped to the other side of the US and the lids weren’t tight so some of the salt leaked out into the packaging. It precluded me from giving it as a gift. Oh well. I’m obviously enjoying the salt myself :-)

Michelle Mazala
Salts Amazing, Jars Terrible

The salts taste amazing. Strong, delightful flavors. Love the product quality.

The problem is the jars. The lids do not stay on, so when you lift up the jar by the top, you spill. The lids do not stay on during packaging, so they spill. The jar bottoms come out of the boxed packaging covered in the spilled salt dust, so you get salt all over your table. Even after wiping the bottoms of the jars with a wet cloth, still salt (it took several wipe/dry/wipe cycles to fully remove). Since the jars won't stay closed and the salt gets everywhere, I have to keep them upright in a sturdy basket with a note that reminds me to be very careful with my jars. I'm sure I'll forget at some point and spill again. The basket makes me sad because I love these little salts and would love to display them prominently on a shelf with the labels readable and facing outwards, but that would make a mess of my shelf.

Still, great salts.

Jodi Richard
Great salt set!!

I have been using the Parmesan truffle salt for a while now and love it. The other two cheese salts are equally as delicious. I use them on corn on the Cobb, popcorn, scrambled eggs, and rice, among other things too. Wish I could get the smoked cheddar and blue cheese salts a in bigger jars!

Susie south of Peculiar
Nice set but

The jars within the set were not taped down (like individually purchased jars) which caused two of the lids to loosen and salt spilled from 2 jars.