Dick Taylor Belize 72% Dark Chocolate

This chocolate bar is crafted using cacao beans from the Toledo district, Belize.

Flavor Notes: Plum, grapes, subtle raisins. 

Former wooden boat and furniture makers Dustin Taylor and Adam Dick founded Dick Taylor in Eureka, California, in 2010. This bean to bar chocolate company is operated by a very essential staff, and every step in their crafting process is entirely hand made.

Ingredients: Cacao, cane sugar. All organic ingredients. 

Net weight: 2oz / 57g

Made in Eureka, California!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I Love Dick Taylor!!

Don’t tell my husband;). His darks and dark milks have been a fan favorite in our house for a long time. Can’t go wrong with this one if you like a deliciously smooth dark chocolate!

Too sticky

It's such a pretty bar to behold that I'm sad to write this review. However, this is my second and last Dick Taylor bar I will be buying. I found this bar (and the last one) to be sticky in my mouth, literally gumming up in a way that interferes with my experience of the flavors. I prefer to the chocolate to melt in my mouth as opposed to feel like peanut butter on my gums. Sorry Dick!

Lisa M.
Oh, so good ...

There are only 2 ingredients listed on this chocolate - cacao and cane sugar - but it is one of the smoothest, most delicious chocolates I've ever eaten. Obviously, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate knows what they're doing.